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Earlier this week, Barrel of Monkeys invited writers of all ages to participate in free creative writing workshops in Millennium Park. The actors and educators at Barrel of Monkeys are now bringing the stories to life in a free show at Millennium Park (Cloud Gate). Enjoy the stories from our Millennium Park participates, along with stories written by our students in Chicago Public Schools.

We hope you enjoy the show!

1. A Story Blah Blah Blah

2. The Battle of Ice and Lava Go Bears

3. The Story of My Life

4. The Adventures of Little Butter

5. The Lowest Rate Hotel

6. Attack of the Facial Hair

7. El Jugo y La Hormiga

8. Rappers Airport Beef

9. The Destruction of Chicago

10. I am Lake Michigan
11. The Museum

12. CTA Zebras

13. Monster High

14. The Bubblegum

15. The Wind and the Rain

16. Chicago

17. The Bean

18. The Super Hero Squad

19. My Bugatti

20. Dogs

21. Work Together

Scarf Lady

By Chvante C., Harold Washington
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There once was a old lady. She live on the West of Pulaski, so she went walking down the street but she had a scarf that she have had it for 20 years. She had a apartment. Her apartment was guarded by rats. The rats took over her house. Her rats always using her scarf as a hankerchief, as a cover or other things like that. So when she was walking down the street she look in the store window. She look and stare about an hour and was like I need that scarf. Becasue the rats use it for everything. So she said I am going to get a new scarf so she got her a job so buy scarf. So weeks later she THE END

Pick One!

By Kayshon S., Chalmers School
Songs That's Weird, Grandma

Pick a color, won’t you please! There’s red, blue, and yellow, types of animals that eat colorful seeds.  Some chirp some don’t but once you see, you’ll see what I see birds in trees maybe on a bench with other birds like these.  Some are very sleep droopy, gleepy, big eyes or with horns.  Some without once you look at them they’ll make you drought so once you see what I see you’ll see I’m talking about’s owls but the one’s a howl.  Pick a color won’t you please! There’s red, blue and yellow, types of animals that eat colorful seeds. Some chrip some don’t but once you see

One Day, Well Yesterday

By Jasmine M., 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy
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One day, well yesterday My bro, sis, cusion and me. I’ll tell you the ages so you could know its really scary My cusion is14 my bro is 6 my sis is 4 and I am 9.  Well it all started when we were watching scary video clips.  We watched one about the first movie of the ring.  Later on my mom went down to check the elictrisity we were upstairs by ourselves.  We started to hear scary noises from scary movies.  First we heard ahhhhh from the grudge.  Then mmmm from the ring Then boom (stomp on floor).  We got so scared I started to cry then my sis did.  My cusion and bro weren’t so scared we heard a lauf just like mom’s.  Then we heard booms coming closer and all of a sudden we saw someone pass through our door crack.  My cusion looked know one was there she closed the door more.  My mom came up and it all stopped.  We asked here if she did it she said NO! 
P.S. If you don’t belive me still pray for me!!!!!

Once Upon a Time There Was a Couple

By Tyjuan L., 3rd Grade, Gale School
That's Weird, Grandma

Once upon a time there was a couple. They jogged up the road. They are going for a jog so they could loose weight. It is raining. They lost a lot of weight. They ran 30 miles. They play tennis. They play basketball.  And they played all the sports except football.


By Alisha, Douglas Park Words@Play Program
Poems That's Weird, Grandma

Ode to my house
Ode to my cat
Ode to my dog
Ode to my car
Ode to my window
Ode to my friend
Ode to my Brother
Ode to my Mom
Ode to my Dad
Ode to my Cousin
Ode to my Grandma
Ode to my family
Ode to Miss Elaine

Ode to Hoodies

By Emily G., Rutherford Sayre Words@Play Program
Poems Songs That's Weird, Grandma

Oh, Hoodies,
I feel at home in you.
You provide me with protection from cameras
Making me mysterious
Helping me stand in corners awkwardly.
You let me fit in with Darius, Blake, and Matthew.
When I wear your comforting hood
I don’t have to do anything to my hair
I love you my hoodie.  You are so not lame.

I Remember When I Got My First Shark

By Oscar V., Seward Spring
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma

I remember when I got my first shark. It was in February my parents where whit me they said pick a good one then I went home and I put the shark in the fish tank. I feed him and I went to sleep. The next day the shark had died my sister told me. I went to change him the man said if I wanted that shark I said yes. The man got it and put it in a bag of water. My sister said she like it. The next day he had not died yet. My sister and my mom where happy that he hadn’t die yet. And my sister said he wasn’t like the other shark. My shark was nice and he lived for a long time. And then on January 19 he died. He had lived for more than 3 months. I was sad that he died because I was with him for a long time. But on next week I’m going to get another shark. So I’m going to like him and I’m going to feed him and also gonna make him grow. I think he’s gonna live longer then the other shark.