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Stories that have been made into podcasts.

The Key

By Lucero, Avondale-Logandale School

One day Lisa was in her kingdom milkshake. She loved going to the dungeon.  So one day she found a key.  So two days later she finds a door she tries the key and it works!! So when she opens it she finds her father dead and a note it says death to us part.  So she shows this to her mother and the mother says this is a wedding vowe.  And she the mother says we never took wedding vowes! The daughter is surprised. When she look’s through her dad’s old stuff she finds a picture of him with a girl in a wedding dress and him. so when she shows this to her mother.  But the mother is washing a knife with human blood! To be continued. THE END.

Don and the Three Mimes

By Marlee, 3rd Grade, Dixon Elementary School

Setting: Robot shop.
Don was a person that was creating robots. It took him three years to make the robots. One day 3 mimes came to the robot shop and messed up his robots while Don was gone. Soon when Don got back his robots were messed up! Don was confused when who did this. Don left the shop again and the three mimes came back and messed up his robots what Don rebuilt again. When Don came back his robots were messed up again and Don got mad! So he stayed at the shop and then he saw who did this and called the police. The End.

The Story of the Weird Monkey

By Jibri, Lenard, Johneshia, Aayushi, Hearts to Art Summer Camp at Auditorium Theatre

There is an invisible monkey named “I Don’t Know” visiting the land of Cold Wonderland. I Don’t Know doesn’t know his own name! So he went to go look in the dictionary. The dictionary had a list of all the names and his name was in fact I Don’t Know.  He felt happy to finally know his real name! At first he didn’t like his name! But he learned to accept it! I Don’t Know told every one of the other monkeys his name! They all laughed at him! So he moved out of there. Back to his home Cent-o-pia. He was happy. The End.

Family Road Trip Gone Wrong

By Yulnia, Angelica, Armond, Dewey School of Excellence

Dad: Family rode trip
Mom: (Hugging dad) thanks hunny
Bonquisha: Yeah yeah yay
Dad: (Whispers to mom) I need to talk to you
Mom: Later
Bonquisha: lets go
Mom: yeah lets go
Dad: Ok
Togeather: (Walk house into car.)
Dad: We’re here
Bonquisha: I’m going to explore
Mom: (surprised) Bonqueequee is dead!!
Dad: The pig ate her
Mom: take the pig
Pig: Oink
Dad: We’re divorced
Mom: Oh no no
Pig: Oink
The end

Mom: (to the audience) I went to a camping ground with my husband and my daughter then we ate bean and rice. My daughter is extra adventurous so she went wandering into a pig farm and the pigs ate her. Me and my husband found her dead and we got divorced.
The END!


By Jordan, Erie Charter School

Once there was a cow that walked to Mcdonalds and he saw someone eating a burger. The End.

Johny’s Revenge and The Bull Boy

By Loyan, Cathy, London, Fred, Brendon, Luiz, & Konyae, Hearts to Art Summer Camp at Auditorium Theatre

At Jonny’s Super Goods in New York, 3:00AM is Jack who performs as Benny the Bull (the Bull’s Mascot). He’s on vacation and sightseeing. But he forgot his razor so he needed to get a new one at the store. But 20 years ago… when they were teenagers in high school, Johny & Jack were competing for the job of being Benny the Bull. Johny offered $20 Million for Jack to quit and give up and not be Benny. Jack takes the money but breaks his promise and turns and takes the Benny the Bull position for 20 years. Johnny has been plotting revenge. Jack is shopping in the store and the lights go out and Johny appears behind Jack and says “The store is closed! Where’s my $20 million dollars?!” Jack is shocked!  He says “Ugg…” Johny challenges Jack to a Fundraising Contest. Whoever raises the most money gets to keep it and the Bull costume. They fundraise for 24 hours. After 1 Day, Johny got the most money. Jack had to give his Benny the Bull costume up and had to become his pedestrian. Jack says to Johny “You will rue this day, I’ll be back!” And he left to go shave his hairy back. The End.

The Haunted Mansion

By Matthew, Lucas, Ella, and Brooke, Everett Elementary School

Once there was a brother named Andrew and a sister named Taylor. They did not get along. They moved to a new house and they didn’t know it was a haunted mansion. They’re exploring their new house when Taylor sees the drawer open by itself. “Stop trying to prank me.” Taylor says. Andrew says “I’m not! I thought you were trying to prank me by moving this lamp.” Later that night Taylor and Andrew sneak out to explore the basement of the mansion while their parents were asleep. They found old photos of the people who used to live there. They were scared. Then they found two kids named James and Zach. They were the kids that used to live in the house and didn’t want to move out. They explain that they were the ones haunting them. James and Zach showed them everything. They decided to all live together. The End.

Ninja Lovers

By De’marea, 6th Grade, Dewey School of Excellence

I love ninajs and my lil brother loves them to and so for halloween we was ninjas my ninja cousin was all black so they can’t see so when we pop out there and we will knock on the door then move to the side and they get the door then we pop out and they get scared. We move very quiet then we scare people and jump all the time. And they will run away or try to hit us we was at rockwell and 66th and we saw are friends but my dad didn’t let that happen. So he said we can not scared people no more. The End.

The Bubblegum

By London B, Millennium Park Summer Residency

There was a girl named Bubblegum. Bubblegum loved to eat bubblegum. One Night Bubblegum didn’t want to brush her teeth but her parents smelled her breath every night. So she had an idea to eat some peppermint flavored bubblegum bc it was the same flavor as her toothpaste. So she at some bubblegum and she went to sleep forgetting to spit it out. So she went to sleep and Bubblegum got everywhere on her bed and worst of all her HAIR. So she woke up and felt the gum inside of her hair and the said “I can’t let me parents find out.” So she put on a bonnet and went downstairs and got some scissors went back to her room and cut the gum out. But her hair was then uneven so she decided to cover it up with a bow and her parents never found out. The End.


By Maya R, Millennium Park Summer Residency

Once upon a time there was a dog named Bentley. He was brown and white. He was taking a nap. He was laying down, all curled up on a blanket. Bentley had a bad dream. In his dream he was lost in a forest and he saw a giant animal; It was a lion! In the dream he ran away as fast as he could. He was a fast runner and would always beat his owners in races. In his dream, he got out of the forest and then he woke up! When he woke up he freaked out. Then he got tired again and went back to bed. The End.