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Stories written in Spanish.

1 Room

By Melanie L, 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy

—- Dear Parents, I want my own room because when you get me a dog a want to have a big space to play when the dog. I also want a room because it will be cool if I have my own room to play and to play if i have like a dog. It will be cool to if I got the type of dog I want but one thing it super expensive to pay. CONCLUSION Plis parent I want a dog because a bore at the house and I want something to play with and plis parent. The end.

The Handitazer Monster

By Humberto V, Avondale-Logandale Elementary

Everything was washing hands. Every day you will wash your hands. Until one day I got home and I saw this bottle and it said no need to wash hands and you could use a little of this and you will get your hands clean. It was crazy someone invented this thing called handitizer. I got shocked no more soap just squirt and rub. One day while I was sleeping I heard a noise. I woke up to see what it was. I saw this green glowing light. I thought it was a UFO so I got my camera to catch the aliens. But it wasn’t aliens it was a UFO filled with bottles of handitazer. No one was around do I went inside the UFO. I saw their plans to destroy planet earth by washing their brains and make them kill themselves. I saw a red button to make me go to anywhere I want. I went to the army. I got a super bomb and went to the UFO. Then I exploded it. But I died and then I woke up. The End.

Fighting Dragons

By Brandon, Layla, Kristen , Joey, Jamia, Carter, Ashley, & Akeem, Tuley Park Summer of Stories

Once upon a time Lise and Jaxx were playing on the swing. Suddenly, a big evil ice dragon named Jon Jon Killa Frost appeared. “I’m taking you to my ice cave that’s minus 500 degrees. That can kill you!”-Jon Jon said. “No you will not!” said Lise and Jaxx and pulled out a giant sword and hammer with fire powers. “Not so fast” Jon Jon said and brought his friends a fire dragon and poison ivy dragon to stop them. Thinking fast, Lise and Jaxx took out a grappling hook and got on a tree. The dragons didn’t know how to fly and were stuck on the ground. Suddenly, Valkin the superhero crashes and says “It’s time to teach you a lesson” and pulls out a magical poison ivy, frost, and fire knife. The hero slays the poison ivy and frost dragon but the fire dragon tries to get away. But Lise and Jaxx team up together to stop the fire dragon. The End.

Aliens on the Moon

By Siddesh, 4th Grade, Skinner West Elementary

There were two best friends, Wasaki and Bob. They were aliens that come from a planet called Spuim. Wasaki and Bob create a spaceship that travels faster than light using all the amazing technology of aliens. They decide to go to a random place in the universe.
    3.. 2… 1 .. TAKE OFF!!!They end up going so fast that they reach a new planet in 2 seconds. It looks red, dry, and there are no aliens there. They go back into the spaceship and as soon as they quickly turn it on and off, they reach a new planet.
    It is white and has lots of big holes on it. Bob wants to go farther, but Wasaki senses aliens on the planet.They look around, and Wasaki senses were half correct .There were people, real human beings! They capture the aliens and bring them to earth. The End

The Tall Man

By Evelyn G, Columbia Explorers Academy

Once upon a time there was a really tall big man he was a dad. Him the tall man was called Alex, and the girls name were Emely and Karla. So the girls wanted to tell the tall dad something but they couldn’t because he was so tall. One day the tall man wanted to drive to target but he couldn’t because he was so tall. So then he try to go walking and he went to Target so he could work but he couldn’t because he was the tallest man so when the wall man went to Target to buy something everyone was looking at him because he was tall. So then he ran away from Target because everyone was looking at him so he left and started to cry. So he never eat nothing all the time he was too hungry so he ate. So he was so happy because when he ate all of a sudden he turns as a real dad not that big. The End.

The Fairy That Eats Teeth

By Angelina & Natalie, 3rd Grade, Kinzie Elementary School

Setting: house -Kid: ho I got a loose tooth (shocked)
Fairy: ho he got a loose tooth (happy)
Kid: I wonder if the tooth fairy will come (excited)
Fairy: ho I’m going to be there(sneaky)
Kid: I am going to bed early(happiily)
Fairy: I am going to take all of his teeth (happy)
Kid: When I woke up all my teeth were gone, and looked under my pillow and got a tooth brush. And a note that said better brush your teeth (Sad)
Fairy: I was the one that took the teeth. The End.

Dear Alicia Keys

By Shari S, Super 7 Girls After School Program

Dear Alicia Keys,

When I saw that you stopped wearing makeup I was really happy. Most women think they MUST wear makeup to look beautiful. But when you stopped you showed other women and girls that you don’t have to worry about what others think you look like. YOU should like what you look like. If you’re satisfied, that’s all that matters. Also I’m sorry if my handwriting isn’t as good as it should be. And I love your music.


Shari S.


By Darrell F, 4th Grade, Dvorak School of Excellence

Rights are for every person, even black and whites. Without rights this world would not be right. People used to be slaves but the president of Chicago back in the day said so slaves in Chicago. Then Harriet Tubman made the railroad. So now, African Americans are yelling for justice on the street blocking traffic. They feel mad because whites get more than blacks. Because we didn’t get to go to school. They had clean indoor bathrooms, we had disgusting outdoor bathrooms. So now they are walking down the street holding signs for justice. When 2016 came the world got even better. The leader of the group of Justice is named Jacob. He feels mad because we can’t get a job because we’re black. He’s saying “Justice is for all”. THE END

The Yome Cowe

By Fernando, 3rd Grade, Lorca Elementary School

The yome cowe was so yome a secrol bet his legs now he has 3 legs. The yome cowe went to the beech a dog bet his eir off now he has 1 eir. The yome cowe went to the [ark a cat bet his tel now he hos no tel. The End

Subway Kids

By David C, 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy

Dear Mayor,

I think that anyone can work at Subway no matter any age from 10-90 because some kids need money and cookies give them energy to work. My other reason is kids can bring broccoli soup so they can go in the teachers room. Another reason is some kids can learn math from counting money. In conclusion I think that kids can work at Subway any age. 10 or older.