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Stories that have been made into podcasts.

A Day at the Beach

By Evelyn A., 4th Grade, Richard Henry Lee School
That's Weird, Grandma Celebration of Authors COA 2007

One day a dad and her daughter were at the beach because it was a very hot day. Then the girl was walking on the sand and something poked her foot. When she looked down it was a sword. Then she showed it to her dad her dad was amazed that she had found a sword. Then he told his daughter that he could put the sword in his mouth all the way in. His daughter was so amazed. Then they went home to see the girls mom and showed the sword to her she liked it too. The family kept the sword in a special place. Where no one could get it.

A Chess Learner

By Chris G. , 4th Grade, Hough Street School
True Stories That's Weird, Grandma

When I first started chess I couldn’t even beat my Mother. Then I started chess club. Every year I got better. Soon I didn’t need to think all that hard and I rarely lost. I’m still taking chess club. Recently I have won a first place trophy. Now I am pretty good at chess. I can play billets chess (chess with 5 minutes on the clock) with no problem. In a book I read it said that Bobby Fisher was mostly famous because he competed with the Russians and won. My favorite two openings are the Stone Wall and an opening of my own making (pawn e-3 bishop c4 then knight f3). Now I am really interested in chess. I have lots of chess variations and travel chess boards that I take on vacations. I play chess a lot. Now I am awesome at chess.

Tigers are Here

By Andy O. , 3rd Grade, Haines
Arguments Songs That's Weird, Grandma

I believe tigers are here. My first reason is the tigers can scare the bullies away. My 2nd reason is it can bite them when the bullies tease me. My 3rd reason is tigers can bust the bullies door. In conclusion, having tigers is a good thing. And that is why I believe tigers are here.

Untitled (Peace Lives)

By Beth C. , Rutherford Sayre Words@Play Program
Poems Songs That's Weird, Grandma

Peace lives in my eyes
They allow me to see what
good and beautiful things
there are in the world
I see the leaves on the trees
I see the smiles on people’s faces
I see my friends laughing

My eyes allow me to see
the bad things in the world
I see people living on the streets
I see people fighting
I see people crying

Peace lives in my hands
My pencil hits the paper
I let out all my anger
I write how I feel
My hands allow me to feel
I can touch
I can create.

Mr. Money and Mrs. Spaghetti in the Dragon and His Wife

By Katia G, Giovanny M, Jose C, Luis S, Christian, Mario L, Mayra B. , 4th Grade, Seward
That's Weird, Grandma

A dragon lived in an office. The dragon drinks coffee and eats donuts and the dragon always has the office all messy. This dragon hates meat. Throughout the day, the dragon works on a computer and reports stuff about money and jobs. The dragon works with a chicken, an alien, a little ant, and a bunny. The dragon’s name is Mr. Money. Mr. Money is married with Mrs. Spaghetti. Each time he sneezes, he burns paper from work and burns all the stuff in the office. The other workers don’t want Mr. Money to work because the workers are mad and always calling 911 for the fire department to come. One day, unfortunely, Mr. money sneezed on his wife Mrs. Spaghetti and he cooked her and ate her. He was sad and lonely. The end.

The Beast Who Want to Eat King Mac

By Deanna J., 4th Grade, Reavis
Dialogues That's Weird, Grandma

Characters a four eye beast and a king name king mac.
Setting in the four eye beast house.

King Mac: thank you for coming the you nice house (bowing at the four eye beast.)
Four eye beast: you’re welcome. what do you want for dinner?
King Mac: I don’t know.
Four eye beast: I don’t mind eating you.
King Mac: you can’t eat me.
Four eye beast: yum! (eating King Mac)
King Mac: you eat me. (crying)

Girl is Man

By James C., 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers Academy
That's Weird, Grandma

Once there was a hamburger that was the size of a man.  She saw a star, and said “I wish I was a real girl.  I don’t want to be a girl hamburger, but a real girl.” But what she didn’t know that the star was an opposite star and she came out a man.

The Man and The Pig

By Jamal S., Jordan Community School
Songs That's Weird, Grandma Other Venues Storefront 2002 Wilmette 2007

[Sadly, portions of this story have been lost.  Brackets indicate where we have reconstructed the story from memory.]

There is a man that killed a pig. And slicing the pig and taking the meat and his guts out. He is going to serve it to the people. [He puts it] with fish and bread and beans [and the people will eat it].
Part Two
The pig has returned to earth. And he is getting his guts and his meat back. And he kill the man that kill him and kill the people that eat his guts. And he takes his guts and his meat back.

Escalator Argument

By Martin C., 5th Grade, Cleveland School
Arguments That's Weird, Grandma

I think there should be escalators in schools.
1. First thing when you walk up the stair you hurt your back.
2. Second, you might slip off the stairs when they are wet.
3. Next, you can step on some ones shoelace and they could trip.
4. Last some one might push you when you are walking down the stairs and you can break a body part.
1. If you mop the escalator you can get electrified.
2. You might get stuck in a stair and loose your clothes.
3. You can fall and get hurt on the metal.