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Love stories.

Monster High

By Ceyanne S, Super 7 Girls Program at Willa Cather Elementary School

Once upon a time there was three boys named Jamal, Haceane, and Andre. They were all brothers who went to Monster High. They all had a group of friends and they each liked someone. Haceane like Roxy Whaaaaa. Jamal like Diana What the what. Andre like Riannah as much as a puppy dog and kitties. But they could not get married because they were too young. So, a few years later on one hot sunny day, like Arizona hot, they all got married and it was as big as a hotdog (a real dog) and lived happily ever after. Then one day they got mad and where are all the cactuses? To be continued…..THE END.

The Lowest Rate Hotel

By Craig, 6th Grade, Carter School Of Excellence

Once there was a hotel in Downtown. It had the lowest rate. My cousin went there for her birthday in her party was downtown in Chicago her mom didn’t know that the hotel had lowest rate but daughter use the web browser and find out that nobody use the hotel but them they was the first ones to use it and 4 years. The End.

I Am Lake Michigan

By Elana R., Loyola Park After School Program

As my waves crash along your shore
I watch the pretty white birds soar
I know that I should leave you be
But when will you let me free
I never wanted to hurt humans
So I removed sharks that were putrid
And if I had a sweet sweet whale
Nobody would be able to sail
So in the winter I hibernate
To keep every single human very safe
The End.

El Jugo Y La Hormiga

By Alexander, Walsh Elementary School
True Stories

El Jugo Y La Hormiga
Cuando era un niño de tres años, mi mama me dio un jugo, me lo tomé un poquito y luego nos fuimos a la tienda. Cuando regresamos, el jugo tenia hormigas. No sabia que tenia hormigas so me lo tome. Cuando me lo tome estaba desconcertado. Y ese fue el día que me tome hormigas. Fin.

Spanish Translation
The Juice and the Ants.
When I was 3, my mom gave me a juice and I drank a little of it and then we went to the store. When we got back, the juice had ants in it. I didn’t know it had ants in it so I drank it. When I drank it, I wasn’t concentrated. And that was the day I drank ants. The End.

A Story Blah Blah Blah

By Sam, Ravenswood Youth Guidance After School Program

MLG sheep pink youtube animal pencil story cool I am writing this oh I am pen third grade first grade look google feels recycle trash frog stop stick bone rope mole flag snop who time poke mon go loud snow lib.

I am writing this with a pencil. The pencil says DIXON ® NO. 21 HB. Do you know what that means? I wrote a big circle. I like circles. The End.

Pickle Juice Man

By Napoleon, 3rd Grade, Paderewski Elementary

Name: Pickle Juice Man
Mission: stop the smelling of it
Superpower: cur freshener
Enemy: Guacamole
Weakness: salt
Costume: a big pickle with a pickle shaped helmet
Sidekicks: 5 monkeys

On day Pickle Juice man was talking to his sidekicks and guacamole came the put some cheese on me and it burd me. Then I put some cur freshener on him. Then he lost his smell ant taste.

The Oregon Trail

By Jesus, McPherson Elementary

Once apound of Time in 1875 I was walking with me cow but I didn’t have winter clothes or food for the trail. So I need it to survive the most I could. But the problem was that during the night there it was a lot of wolves. One time they try to eat my cow and me but I scared them away. And I capture some of then to make some clothes and food I survive that night. At the morning it was snowin. I was scared because it was cold and my cow almost didn’t survive but because she was survive the wolves will chase me. but I needed my cow because she was carrying something heavy. But something good that I survive the winter and something else was that the wolves stop tracking me because they decide to stay in Maryland and I got a job at got a lot of money the thing my cow carried. The End.

The Living Toilet

By Addie, Peirce International School

One day there were two girls on the way home. Their mom called and said she was at work so she couldn’t come home to fix the toilet. So the girls tried fixing the toilet when, its eyes OPENED! When the mom came home she found two skeletons. And I think you know who they are. The End.

The Car Insurance Big Accident (Fart)

By Fernando, Michael, Jealiyah, Noah, Kayleen, Diego, David , 4th Grade, Erie Charter School

Once, Geico, un tigre lived in Nueva York en un Pizza Shop. Estaba viviendo y dice “Chomp chomp” a un giraffe, Diego. Then Diego rubbed his hands together and said “I wonder why it smells so bad?” Then another tigre comes to fight Geico for the Giraffe. They were two knights wearing armor and they took the armor to battle against each other. They fight for five days and then Geico got bit in the leg but in the end, Fernando came into the pizza shop with a giant Fart and weakened them. They all fell to the floor and they can’t breathe. They said “The fart is like an evil spirit.” In the very end he tried to escape the fart, but can’t make it so they covered their nose and stole a car. (Geico’s car - which saved him 15% or more on car insurance.) The End.

The Unknown Granddaughter

By Rayana, Dixon Elementary School

One day two grandparents John and Michelle Townerson wanted to look through pictures because they were getting old and wanted to remember memories. SO as they looked through pictures they came across a picture of their daughter Melinda and her husband Kyle Bollywood and their three children, one boy and two twins. The Townersons only knew about two of the grandchildren, the boy Kyle Jr. and one twin Jayla. The other twin looked creepy. “Who is this?” John said. “I don’t know, let’s call Melinda,” Michelle replied. “Hello Melinda this is your mother do you have twins?” “No Mom, at work, gotta go” Melinda said. “Then who is it!?” A girl from behind popped up behind them and startled them. “Ahh! Wait she looks like the girl in the picture!” “HI, I’M KONNY. My Mom said you can come over.” The two grandparents had a heart attack and died and the next family that moved in faced the photo terror also. THE END