Executive Director Kemper Florin Reminisces on “That’s Weird, Grandma: Stories that Sing and Dance”

Posted by Brandon on May 25, 2019

That's Weird Grandma

New Executive Director, Kemper Florin, speaks on her opening night experience:

As the new Executive Director for the amazing Barrel of Monkeys Productions, I was particularly excited for opening night of That’s Weird Grandma: Stories that Sing and Dance!! (It also didn’t hurt that my background is in musical theatre and opera, so this round was right up my alley!) On opening night, I welcomed our audiences and sensed the excitement as I took my seat. From the upbeat opening number to the last clever closing pitch for supporting Barrel of Monkeys, everyone, including me, laughed out loud and laughed often. The display of talent is truly remarkable and made me feel such pride and gratitude that these artists are also the same ones doing such remarkable work in our schools. As we enter into our closing weekend, I’ll always remember highlights from this run, including when one of our students came with his parents and saw his story about riding in his Bugatti come to life as a catchy K-pop song! The beaming bright smile on his face said it all, and that, my friends, IS something to sing about.

My Bugatti, written by Angelo from McPherson Elementary
                                    My Bugatti, written by Angelo from McPherson Elementary

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