MEET The Fantastic Beasts and READ the Stories About Them!

Posted by Brandon on June 21, 2019

This Monday is the Preview Performance of That’s Weird, Grandma: Fantastic Beasts and the Stories About Them and I’m thrilled to share with you now, the BEASTLY student-written-stories kicking off this round. As you know, each week we change a few stories,so make sure you plan your visit before the stories you love TWG.

The Beasts
The Bear with Steel Wings Tells About Opposite Day: A classic BOM story that brings together beloved cartoons with a knowledgable beast.
Extreme Alien Party!: This is a brand new 2019 story that has been turned into an extreme techno dance party!
Attack of the Onomatopoeias!: Who knew figurative language could attack!?!
Unicorn AKA A Horse: A true story about dressing a pet up for halloween. And whether Lucy is a unicorn or a horse, she definitely is the sweetest beast on the list.

The Creatures
Glacier Living with Sharks: This story is all about dolphins saving the world from global warming through dance.
The Oregon Trail: This classic computer game remains relevant even in 2019. Let’s hope the cow makes it to Oregon
Car Insurance Big Accident (Fart): Tigers, Giraffes, and Farts, Oh My
A Toothless Beaver and A Broom: The oldest/fastest story on the list. These characters will not disappoint!

The Goblins, Ghosts, & Ghouls
The Unknown Granddaughter: You thought you knew the Townersons… Well think again because KONNY is back in TWG!
Gobby Got His Freedom: Even though this a new story, Gobby the Goblin feels like a folk tale from long ago.
Horror At Key Lime Cove: This story will make you rethink your trip to the Wisconsin Dells.
The Orphan Girl: Another new story set long ago, that features Mia Blake, 1873 - 1885

The Objects That Come Alive
I Need to Use the Bathroom: This story will dance its way into your heart.
The Living Toilet: Another Bathroom Story?!?! YOU KNOW IT! And you won’t forget it when this toilet opens their eyes.
Evil Devil Printer: Its a hilariously haunting Opera written by a neighborhood student at Peirce International School.
The Fridge: A classic about the importance we put on the material possessions that bring us joy.

I hope you enjoyed reading all of these amazing students’ stories and we can’t wait to perform them for you at That’s Weird, Grandma: Fantastic Beasts and the Stories About Them.

Mondays, June 24-July 15 at 8pm at The Neo Futurist Theatre

Cast Includes: Noah Appelbaum, Linsey Falls, Aissa Guerra, Jennifer Johnson, Tom Malinowski, Emily Marso, Laura Mckenzie, Nic Park, Leo Thorp, and Rawson Vint
Stage Manager: Cedar Larson
Director: Brandon Cloyd

Then Starting July 22 through August 12,  A Brand New Director (Nick Hart) and A Brand New Cast, take over with all new stories in: That’s Weird, Grandma: Fantastic Beasts and the Stories About Them (Part II).

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