What are the Stories that Sing and Dance?

Posted by Brandon on April 26, 2019

That's Weird Grandma

We are a week out from opening That’s Weird, Grandma: Stories That Sing and Dance and I am very excited to share with you the incredible stories written by our students that are going into this Musical Extravaganza. You can click on the links to read the student’s original story.

Stories That Sing
Breakin Phone. We are thrilled to finally debut in TWG this groovy song from 8 years ago.
It Hurts is a love song composed in collaboration with the student author herself.
The Prince and Princess is a TWG classic with a twist ending (spoilers ahead).
Evil Devil Printer is a hilariously haunting Opera that is making its TWG debut and was written by a neighborhood student at Peirce International School.

Stories That Dance
Glacier Living with Sharks is all about dolphins saving the world from global warming through dance.
Dear Government was a TWG audience favorite for over a year and its now its back again, asking the question is our government fair to dance teams?
The Queen with No Friends features Voguing, Duck Walking, Sissying that Walk and it continues to be an audience favorite.

Stories That Sing and Dance
Shame is a brilliantly crafted melancholic poem we will sing word-for-word.
Lost Mouth is a cautionary tale about sharing.
One Day Washing Clothes brings a ton of funk to an otherwise tedious chore.

Audience Favorites from the Previous rounds of TWG
The Girl and The Panda returns after premiering in TWG Rings in the Holidays
Malcolm X and the Monster and Zombie Infection. Audiences can’t get enough of Malcolm X fighting zombies to music.
IRS Moles. Now that tax season is over, the IRS Moles are returning!
The Girl Who Said NO! The title says it all!

Brand New Stories (That also Sing & Dance)
My Bugatti is a new story from the nearby McPherson Elementary performed by BOM’s first ever Kpop band.
I Need to Use the Bathroom i also new from McPherson and will dance its way into your heart.
Twisted Trumpet #DontBuyATrumpetFromAWitch

I hope you enjoyed reading all of these amazing students’ stories and we can’t wait to perform them for you at That’s Weird, Grandma: Stories That Sing and Dance.

Fridays and Saturdays, May 3-25 at 7:30pm at The Neo Futurist Theatre

Cast Includes: Noah Appelbaum, Bryan Bosque, Kaylyn Carter, Linsey Falls, Gaby Hirsch, Arielle Leverett, Nic Park, Stewart Romeo, Rawson Vint, Carly Wicks, and Rachel Wilson
Music Director: Jon Schniedman
Stage Manager: Krista Mickelson
Director: Brandon Cloyd



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