Isaac Newton, Bob Dylan, and Rib Cages - Prepping for Our Columbia Explorers Academy School Show

Posted by Brandon on January 9, 2019

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Hi Friends! Brandon here!

Normally, I’m Barrel of Monkeys’ Artistic Director, and I am caught behind the scenes directing shows. I’m thrilled about this show because I got to hand the directing reigns over to the amazing Ana Velazquez, who has been leading us through such a fun rehearsal process for our next school show at Columbia Explorers Academy (BOM’s longest School Partner). The cast is comprised of long-time BOM all-stars, as well as several of our new stars who joined BOM in the fall. Check out these photos of us having fun singing, laughing and putting our creative minds together to create this fantastic show for CEA’s students!

We start rehearsal by learning a Spanish-language song by an amazing Artistic Associate, Allison Grischow, seen here teaching Mary Tilden and Joan Figarella. It’s a story about a Dolphin Baby and Unicorn Baby. It’s cute and hilarious!

While some of us learn music, our Production Manager Krista Mickelson brings some of our new folks into our props/costume closet so they can choose all the perfect items they need for the show. Artistic Associates Taylor Galloway, Aissa Guerra, and Donny Acosta are loving those fake flowers.

Mary and Joan pose with Ana - in addition to directing, she’s also designing some neat rib cage props!

Aissa and I have found our Perfect Costumes for an underwater story (thanks for the amazing costume donation, David Rosenberg and Krista’s Mom!)

Taylor and fellow Artistic Associate Devin Sanclemente rehearse a song about “Life and Birds.” Taylor wrote the song and we’re featuring Devin as the wise old lark.

All-Star and BOM Program Director Shá Norman plays “The Old Man” in Taylor’s song, along with some bird friends: Donny, Mariana Green, Allison, and Mary.

And we end rehearsal reviewing an incredible story with Mariana on guitar, Jayson Acevedo as Bob Dylan, Allison as Albert Einstein, and Mary as Isaac Newton. It’s WEIRD AND AMAZING!

Thanks for checking out our blog - we are so excited for the Columbia Explorers Academy show on Friday morning! Keep an eye on our Instagram story for live updates from the show.


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