Brad’s 15 Year Anniversary Show TOP 15 LIST

Posted by Joe on April 6, 2016

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The That’s Weird, Grandma 15th Anniversary Show is just around the corner! Here is a wishlist list from company member Brad!


That’s Weird Grandma: 15 for 15

Hey! It’s me Brad! And here are my 15 favorite TWG adaptations. So many great ones, but here you go!

15. The Haunted Piano: featuring Oona and Luke Hatton. Creepy, yet hilarious!

14. Kool Aid: Matt Miller dressed as a giant Kool Aid man. Need I say more. Mad props to Meredith Ibey Milliron for the

13. Trapped In the Hospital: An oldie but goodie musical number. Saw it for the first time at the TWG 10 Year celebration. Classic!

12. The Ghost Story of the Old Time Country: Immanuel Guest, “I don’t like to be mad in life!” One of the best line readings EVER!!!

11. Ice Cream Man: Laura McKenzie starring down the poor kid with no ice cream. Ha!

10. The Scary Mystery: The first time the Monkey teachers read it in the class room, we knew destined for Grandma.

9. The Long Day: Nick Hart and Curtis Williams were born to play these roles.

8. Magical Place: The song will haunt you in your dreams, but man is it a fun time!!!

7. A Bad Day: Phillip Markle running out in a dress to declare the Cheer Off. Need I say more.

6. The Time I had a Snowball Fight: Curtis Williams does it again with a great adaptation. The Matrix callback…. Classic!!!

5. The Girl Who Had a Monkey: Tim Soszko as the girl, Rawson as the Monkey, and Nick as the poor guy constantly being attacked. Nice.

4. Wanting Meat Loaf: Music by Gwen, Curtis singing, and Miller as Meat Loaf. It Tis Rock Opera Magic I tell you!

3. UNTITLED (Astronauts): This story makes me want to buy a rocket, just to celebrate my birthday in

2. Crying Woman: A tragic, yet beautiful tale told with puppets. Amazing.

1. My Trip To Wisconsin: Curt Chaing combined two fantastic stories to create one of the greatest Barrel of Monkey adaptations ever. Truly a masterpiece!!!

More information about THAT’S WEIRD, GRANDMA: 15th ANNIVERSARY SHOW directed by Joseph Schupbach and Halena Kays

Company members old and new will reunite as Barrel of Monkeys celebrates 15 years of its hit revue THAT’S WEIRD, GRANDMA with two special anniversary performances on Sunday April 17 at 2 pm and Monday, April 18 at 8 pm at its long-time home, the Neo-Futurist Theater, 5153 N. Ashland Ave. in Chicago. Tickets are available here!

The special 90-minute production will feature 30 sketches and songs, two from each of the 15 years THAT’S WEIRD, GRANDMA has been performed at Neo-Futurist theater, including plenty of audience favorites. Directed by current Artistic Director Joseph Schupbach and Founding Artistic Director Halena Kays, the 15TH ANNIVERSARY SHOWS will feature long-time company members, as well as out-of-town artists returning to the show they performed in years ago. Back in the booth is Maggie Fullilove-Nugent, who served as the company’s stage manager for ten years. All of the stories are written by Chicago Public School students and adapted for the stage by Barrel of Monkeys Company Members. The 15TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW cast includes active members Ashley Bland, Kassi Bleifuss, Brandon Cloyd, Anthony Courser, Lindsey Dorcus, Linsey Falls, Michael Govier, Nick Hart, Mary Winn Heider, Jennifer Johnson, Elizabeth Levy, Laura McKenzie, Spencer Meeks, Matt Miller, Meredith Milliron, Shá Norman, Tai Palmgren, Zoe Schwartz, Jason Sperling, Kate Staiger, Brad Stevens, Rawson Vint, Curtis Williams and Rachel Wilson.

Emeritus and out-of-town members include Brenda Arellano, Lisa Barker, Brennan Buhl, Sarah Garner, Luke Hatton (former Artistic Director), Mike Lubin, Tom Malinowski, Philip Markle, Jonathan Mastro, Lauren Sharpe, Eric Silverberg, Mike Spatafora, Kristie Vuocolo (former Executive Director), Ryan Walters and Donnell Williams.

“I am absolutely thrilled about this celebration! I have the incredible opportunity to co-direct with Founding Artistic Halena Kays, who led the company for ten years – and welcome back alumni into the cast. My relationship with ‘Grandma’ now spans eleven years, so I’m delighted to put some of my favorite stories back on stage. Long-time audience members will enjoy some ‘oldies’ and brand new audience will be delighted to see this mega-sized cast perform the written work of Chicago Public Schools students. There will be song, dance, puppets, short films, surprises, blasts from the past and much more. It will undoubtedly be a magical place to spend 90 minutes.” -Artistic Director Joseph Schupbach

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