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Prize Wheels Rule!!! Monkey-o-kee 2011 is Tomorrow!

Posted by Maggie on January 29, 2011

Touring Performances

MONKEY-O-KEE 2011 is almost here?

SUNDAY… tomorrow! January 30th @ 8pm-11pm

Mad River Bar & Grille
2909 N. Sheffield Ave.

Get your tickets now!

Are you ready?  Have you bought your tickets?  You DO NOT want to miss:
—Monkeys and YOU singing the most hilarious karaoke
—All you can drink domestic drafts, house wine and well drinks.
—As much pizza and pasta as your stomach can handle
—Special Monkey performances featuring Michael Govier, Elizabeth Levy, Philip Markle, Donnell Williams and other talented company members.

Here are a few of the awesome items on the Prize Wheel. 

ONLY $2 a spin.  TWO FREE SPINS if you buy your tickets online.

Company Member, Brennan Buhl’s DVD Collection


Cookies RIGHT NOW !!!  made by Company Manager, Maggie Fullilove-Nugent


Of course the Chili Trays, perfect for every party!


And stuffed Dolphins…?


Not to mention: Monkey Merchandise, Gift Cards (including Chili’s, Starbucks and The Home Depot), Bottles of Wine, Free Shots, Pirate Booty and so much more!!!!

Buy your tickets online and get two chances at all this great swag. 

A $25 ticket provides support of Barrel of Monkeys’ work with Chicago’s youth – igniting their imaginations, boosting their self-esteem, and improving literacy – but also includes food, drink, and karaoke.

Tickets are available now!

Fancy Schmancy Auction PRIZES!

Posted by Amanda Farrar on October 21, 2010

Touring Performances

The Fancy Schmancy benefit is TOMORROW!  Do you have your tickets?  I hope so, because this event is magical.  One of the most magical parts – besides the crazy hats, the amazing “Clash of the Titans” performance, and the antique car collection (yes – also cars) – is the auction.  There is absolutely something for everyone.  There are purses, and Baconfest tickets.  There are spa packages, and booze packages.  There are classes and there are amazing sports tickets. Buy your tickets, if you haven’t already, HERE!

Below are all the items and their descriptions, but I have highlighted a couple for you here that are my personal favorites:

Cheryl “Nookie” Jackson’s YouTube Makeover
Oh, and this one comes with a video commercial:

Win a makeover with Cheryl at Fancy Schmancy from Barrel of Monkeys on Vimeo.

From: Christina Anthony, Lather Salon, and Clothes Optional
Actual Value: $200.00
This auction item is high concept; so read carefully.  Monkey Christina Anthony* is Cheryl “Nookie” Jackson.  Cheryl “Nookie” Jackson is an internet sensation, relationship guru and former JET magazine beauty of the week.  Ms. Jackson will take you to Lather Salon in Ravenswood.  At Lather Salon, you will receive a make-over from master cosmetologist and super BOM fan Kassi Bleifuss. For Free.  This makeover will include: Cut and Style, Color or Highlights, Eyebrow Waxing, and Makeup.  If this wasn’t enough, Ms Jackson will also get a makeover, right by your side, holding your hand.  After Lather, Ms. Jackson will whisk you to her favorite shop, Clothes Optional in Lakeview. There she’ll help you select your very own JUMPSUIT to complete your look.  AND it will all be recorded for YouTube.  You will be incorporated into one of Ms. Jackson’s webisodes. 
*Christina Anthony is a Monkey and Jeff-Nominated Second City performer.
Restrictions: Event must occur on a Sunday prior to February 2011. Must be 18 or older, or have an adults permission to participate.

Monkey Mike Govier’s Night to Remember
From: Mike Govier, Aileen Wright Bacon
Actual Value: Priceless
Hello, World.  Michael Govier is auctioning off the privilege of taking him to a magical place - Medieval Times.  YES, YOU HEARD HIM RIGHT!  You can buy the opportunity to experience this experience he hasn’t experienced since childhood.  Sure; some of you might not want to go to dinner with him, that’s fine, perhaps an arrangement can be made. But it will cost you.
Restrictions: Date must be mutually agreed upon between winner and Michael.

NY Trip
From: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Gerald Rosenfeld, Sara Braun, and David Saunders
Actual Value: $1,000 (Priceless items included)
Your big trip to the Big Apple is pre-planned!  This package includes roundtrip air miles for 2, 2 nights at a Midtown national chain hotel, 2 VIP tickets to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Yankees tickets in section 311, where New York Daily News beat writer Mark Feinsand takes you and your guest on a tour of the press box.  Hear war stories from someone who’s been on the road with the Yankees for over 5 years.
Restrictions: Jimmy Fallon tickets expire 8/2011 and guests must be over 17. Yankees ticket dates must be arranged with donor for 2011 regular season. Some flight restrictions for Holiday travel may apply. All subject to availability.

Barrel of Monkeys’ Instant Booze Cellar
From: Barrel of Monkeys’ board, staff, and company members
Actual Value: $270.00
Imagine having a party with Barrel of Monkeys company and board members.  At this party, your monkey friends would bring their favorite alcoholic beverages and share stories about why they love them so. Now imagine this party without the physical people, but replaced by the stories themselves pasted across the bottles of booze.  Well, that’s what we have done!  With this package you will receive a pile of adult beverages, each paired with a short narrative from a member of the BOM family.

Chef at Home
From: The Rabbit Hole Chicago
Actual Value: $900.00
The Cheshire Chef and Queen of Tarts come to you! Have your in-home dinner party for six prepared by the Cheshire Chef and the Queen of Tarts, producers of Chicago’s underground supper club. Includes food and preparation (alcohol not included). Minimum of 3 courses.
Restrictions: Dinner must take place at location within the city of Chicago. Chef is not available before January 2011. Must provide 2 months notice of date.

Monkey Joe’s Lincoln Park Zoo Experience
From: Joseph Schupbach
Actual Value: Priceless
Animal lover and amateur zoologist Joseph Schupbach takes you to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Joseph will give you a comprehensive tour that includes standard animal facts and insights gathered from Mr. Schupbach’s four year tenure teaching at Lookingglass Theatre’s Zoo Camp.  The tour can be kid friendly including animal mask making and fact scavenger hunt or adult friendly including details regarding animal reproduction and a bar stop before or after [BuyYOB].  Or, if you are a big kid who likes to party we can do it all.  It may or may not change your life. Consider it.  Bid on it.  Live it.
Restrictions: Based upon availability of Mr. Schupbach.

Baconfest: This Event Sizzles
From: Baconfest Chicago, LLC
Actual Value: $160.00
Get a hold of these two extremely coveted tickets to the second annual Baconfest Chicago 2011 (Saturday, April 9, 2011 at UIC Forum, 725 West Roosevelt). Baconfest’s roster of bacon-foods, bacon-inspired crafts, and bacon-spirits comprises the greatest single culinary and cultural festival ever dedicated to Bacon and Bacon only.
Also includes two t-shirts and two stickers.
Restrictions: Winner should contact donor no later than February 1, 2011.

Chicago Crosstown Classic
From: Mizwicki Family
Actual Value: $400.00
See the city come together in the best way possible.  Watch a Crosstown Classic match between the Cubs and Sox as they play side by side in peace and harmony.  You can be there with 4 premium lower level tickets (tentatively July 1-3, 2011)  at Wrigley Field.
Restrictions: Cubs tickets to be arranged in advance with donor. Subject to availability.

Monkey Rani’s Pie Magic
From: Rani Waterman
Actual Value: $180.00
Rani Waterman is a former non-cook/vegan cupcake baker/reborn pie maker. She hails from a long line of pie makers and eaters based in the land of enchantment.  In her short history of pie making, Rani has received two (yes, two!) marriage proposals simply due to the deliciousness of her pies.  If you are the lucky winner of this prize you will receive 6 months of pie (each will be a seasonal flavor or flavors can be requested) with a tasty topping delivered to your door on a date convenient for you.  Pie delivery will be available starting November 1.  Her current pie favorite is bourbon peach with lemon zest….just so you know.
Restrictions: Delivery coordinated with winner and Ms. Waterman. Expires 10/22/11.

The GTL Package
From: A Better Tan and Amanda Farrar
Actual Value: $220.00
The most consistent threesome on the Jersey Shore: Gym, tan, laundry. “It’s a Jersey thing,” but you too can live the dream!  This package keeps you slightly bronzed with one month free of L2 tanning from A Better Tan, bronzer and eye protection.  This package also keeps you in shape with the conversation starter and great home gym item, a man’s Shake Weight.  Finally, keep all your club clothes smelling fresh with laundry essentials.
Restrictions: A Better Tan expires 10/22/11.

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Clash of the Titans

Posted by Lacy on October 17, 2010

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update Touring Performances

I remember when Mike Tutaj’s iconic adaptation of “The Dog Was Dead” first showed up in That’s Weird, Grandma.  We could not believe the audience response.

Well, that’s a lie. We could believe it, because, come on. It was awesome.

The response, nevertheless, was unprecedented.  Every week it got the most votes! And so it outlasted every other story in the show, staying in week after week, month after month. In December we did it wearing Santa hats. For Valentines Day we wore headbands with little heart antennae. In the summer we took it to Theater on the Lake. We finally retired it from the show - against the weekly vote landslide! - thinking that nothing would ever have that kind of staying power again.

And then… came “Magical Place.”

And it started all over again. 
In fact, “Magical Place” is so darn popular, did you know that it’s the theme of Fancy Schmancy Benefit this year?
Did you know that this Friday night at Fancy Schmancy, you will see an unprecedented and extra-fancy presentation of “Magical Place?”
And most of all, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS???

It means that both “Magical Place” and “The Dog Was Dead” are in the Monday night show right now.

Holy vote explosion! Which one will get the most votes? Will it be the German expressionist fury of The Dog Was Dead? Or the sickening glee of Magical Place?

Hold on to your silly hat.
It might not be either one, because last week a new story showed up on the scene. And when the votes were all tallied, it blew The Dog Was Dead right out of the water.  BJ’s aptly entitled “Dialogue: Suspense Thriller” took last week by storm.

So make sure to come this week, so you can decide for yourself which one deserves to reclaim (or ascend!) the throne!
Warning: Dialogue: Suspense Thriller already has a head start.

Check out That’s Weird, Grandma on Monday as a tasty appetizer to the Monkey feast that is Fancy Schmancy Benefit on Friday!
(You did know about Fancy Schmancy, didn’t you? It’s the special coupon code of the week.)

Runlist and stories below!

The Lost Gameboy
The Reporter and the Crazy Vets
The Day I Found Out I Had Ghost
The Shark that Chops
DOG by Flome, New Field
The Badest Day Ever
Dialogue - Suspense Thriller
Chair Argument (untitled)
Grannies lean like a cholo
Magical Place
Untitled (I am normal too)
Where I’m From (Underwater)
Daisy & Jimmy
The Dog Was Dead
Batman Saves the World

Loyola Park Live @ Lifeline Theatre!

Posted by Luke on August 29, 2010

Touring Performances

Our last two performances at Lifeline are today at 11am and 2pm!

This show is thrilling and special.
The running order consists of some old classics as well as never-before-seen-soon-to-be classics.
Here it is:

First Airplane Ride by Paige O.
The Real Story: The Unfairly First Man on the Moon by Sebby D.
Twilight by Gianna M.
Science Rocks by Hannan R. 
Batman Saves the World by BJ
Evil Brothers (untitled) by Aaron H., Stuti S., Gavreel S.
Truble With Adrainna by Kaya O.
“Serious” by Sofia B.
The Fifth President by Nia T.
Gymnastics Tournament by Timie O.
W-I-A-R-D by Lucy N., Hannah P., Zoe K.
The Strange Story (party city) by Diamond J.
When I Fell off the Top Bunk by Stephaun B.
Monkeys are Smart by Jordan W.
HAUNTED PIANO by Danielle W.
Characters by Vivisan C.
Farticine by Del S.
Woman Rampage by Dante H.

Ticket Link and More Info HERE. YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!

Pop-Up Performance at the TCG Conference!

Posted by Elizabeth on June 22, 2010

Touring Performances

Barrel of Monkeys put on their grownup shoes and dress pants this week to attend the TCG (Theatre Communications Group) Conference. We were able to get a grant from the League of Chicago Theatres and the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation that enabled us to attend.  We met a lot of interesting people from all over the country, and even parts of the UK, and got to share information about all the interesting theatre work that is happening all over.  It was inspiring and exciting.

What was also exciting was to be able to share with all those folks all the incredible theatre that is happening right here in Chicago.  Throughout the conference, “pop-up” performances would, well, pop up at various points of the day.  You would be walking to Montrose Room 5 for your panel discussion on board development and BOOM, theatre would happen right in your face.  Chicago theatre companies, including BOM, were asked to present 4-minute theatre pieces that could be presented say, by the bank of elevators, or by the Womens Restroom or even while on your way to Montrose Room 5 as people scurried to snag a seat in the breakout session on board development.  It was kind of great to watch people be accosted by people making and presenting theatre on their way to go talk about theatre.

Barrel of Monkeys chose a wonderful piece to perform called “Two Thinking Tigers” presented by Luke Hatton, Rani Waterman and a third BOM company member in disguise. I think its befitting that our pop-up performance had to do with tigers.  Cuz the thing about tigers is, they can pop out of nowhere.  And you certainly won’t expect to find them in a fancy hotel.  Or in a car. Here is a picture of the trio getting ready to perform their “tigerocity.” And yes, those couches were extremely comfortable.  100 points for the person who can guess the mystery person sitting betwixt these fine actors. Extra 50 points if you can guess what Rani is thinking at this exact moment.

We were able to film the performance and you can also watch all the cool pop-up performances here.  I hope I didn’t ruin the element of surprise by telling you where you could find them.