Celebration ‘08 rehearsals. Look out.

Posted by Tai on June 6, 2008

Celebration of Authors

Rehearsals for Celebration of Authors are well underway. As Heidi already mentioned, it is going to be beyond awesome.

imageRicky, Molly, and Mary Winn get down.

It’s the biggest show of the year for BOM. Most school shows, as well as “That’s Weird, Grandma,” have between 16 and 20 stories per show. For Celebration, we perform 2 stories per residency—which, this year, works out to 28 amazing works of fiction, nonfiction, songs, dialogues, and persuasive arguments. This year we also have a few stories that have come about through some new additions to the curriculum: for instance, “The Bug” by Timothy R. from Chalmers is a “stretching the truth” story, and “Red Riding Rag” by Narita S. from Loyola Park is a radio play.

The rehearsals for COA are a complete zoo. Nearly every BOM company member, ensemble member, and volunteer that has performed in the schools this year is a part of the show. That means 30 performers this year, all in one room. We all get to see great new stories in rehearsal that many of us haven’t seen yet, and show off our favorite characters and scenes to our peers.

imageThis one caught us all by surprise. As ninjas often do.

It is absolute chaos, but in the best way. And on June 10th, at 7pm (at the Athenaeum Theatre on Southport/Lincoln/Wellington), we bring it all to you. Did I mention the show is FREE? That’s like the best free prize ever!


I’m so excited for this show. Everyone in BOM is excited for this show. The authors are excited for this show. And, “Suzie” is VERY excited for this show:

What’s that? You haven’t made your reservation yet? Well, what are you waiting for?

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