Posted by Dixie on May 15, 2008

School Shows

Hey all- there’s been a lot said about the Chalmers show- which is fair because it was OFF THE CHAIN!  First- we didn’t have a lot of cars to get us to the show, so I had to fit all of our props, show curtains & the big keyboard into my station wagon.

Behold!  The wonder of the wagon! 


Seriously, it was full.  When we got to Chalmers there was a little scuffle because half of the class that we had taught weren’t allowed to come to the performance, because they were out of uniform.  We asked that they be allowed to come, and Principal Dossiea said only if they found some uniforms to put on.  All the girls scrambled to cobble together some regulation uniform, while Alexis explained to me that they all dressed in regular street clothes to protest the uniform policy.  “But we didn’t know that it was Monkey Day!!!”  Eventually they had on uniforms, and we started the show.  The performance was terrific, and the kids were a brilliant audience.  All was well until during the closing song, the keyboard cut out….  so did the lights.  There was a blackout across much of the south side!  We kept on singing a cappella, and the show was finished!
We returned the notebooks to the proud authors, and carefully headed home- with none of the local traffic lights working. 
I love the Chalmers School!


If I am not mistaken, it was the kid’s enthusiasm at the Chalmers school that CAUSED the black out across the south side! That’s how awesome they were!!

They are blackout awesome.

Alex May 16, 2008 at 11:23 AM

I love the protest of the school uniforms. I really hope those teachers used the students’ civil disobediance as an opportunity to talk about the democratic process…

But, I’m a nerd. Nevermind.

E Dizzy May 16, 2008 at 01:47 PM

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