Clown Visit

Posted by Rachel on March 5, 2012

After School Program

We at Loyola Park have had some pretty sweet Monkey Bucks Rewards this year!

What is a Monkey Buck reward? Well, it’s when you follow the Monkey Agreements, and Collaborate and Commit and Imagine, and do all your Meisners . . . then you earn a Monkey Buck. When you earn a ton of Monkey Bucks, we add them to the Hula Dancing Monkey’s Hula Skirt.


And when that Hula Skirt gets long enough, you win a Monkey Buck Reward, like Anthony’s Birthday!


That’s right. Anthony was in danger of not having a birthday this year, but because of the excellent students in the Loyola Park After-School Program, he got to have his birthday after all.

Now, I know you’re wondering, “What happens when we earn 600 Monkey Bucks?”

Well, the fact is, you get a Clown Visit, from Mr. C.L.Own (aka Jeff Trainor) to be precise.


He asked Zipporah whether she would rather balance a paint brush or a chair on her chin. She chose paint brush, so Mr. C.L.Own balanced a chair. Then he took a pie (or three) in the face.

Untitled from Barrel of Monkeys on Vimeo.

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