First Bomcast Launched!

Posted by Luke on February 16, 2009


Our first Podcast (Bomcast!?) is on our website!

It’s called, “The Haunted Piano” and was penned a couple years ago by one of our talented Loyola Park Students.
Laura Grey and I adapted the original performance during a monkey rehearsal a couple years ago.
It was difficult. We read it over and over and over.
One of us had to play the hilariously obsessed girlfriend and one of us the somewhat reserved “straight man” boyfriend.
Finally, Laura had a brilliant idea.
“You know what, I’ll just play the girlfriend, you be the boyfriend, and let’s get working on this thing because right now we’re just talking in circles.”
It was a major break-through and after that, the adaptation process was cream cheese.
For this version, Mike Tutaj created some incredible “audio environments” and generally beefed it up a lot from the original.
Also, Mary Winn penned and recorded the sweet header and footer with the kids talking.
Do enjoy.

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Just subscribed to the podcast.  It’s great.  My ipod will never be the same again.  I laughed for 5 straight minutes.  Love the intro and outro.  Can’t wait for the next installment.

Dan L February 18, 2009 at 12:46 PM

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