Food Has Feelings, Too!

Posted by Gavin on August 10, 2018

That's Weird Grandma

Many Barrel of Monkeys students enjoy imagining what their food thinks. Their stories explore questions such as, “what emotions does a pizza feel?”, “would chicken sandwiches eat humans if they could?”, and “can pies be cannibalistic?”

In That’s Weird, Grandma: Stories About Food, BOM performers take some of these food-related musings and bring them to life through short sketch pieces. Here are three of our favorites that you’ll see in Monday night’s show!

1. “Sad Pizza” by Matthew G. from Poe Classical School

In this touching piece about a pizza who lives in China, Matthew shows us that family reunions aren’t just for humans. This pizza’s family lives in Texas, so he doesn’t see them very often - and he misses them so much that he can’t help but drown his sorrows in ice cream, all while Celine Dion plays in the background.

Barrel of Monkeys performers wearing cardboard pizza box masks performing in That's Weird, Grandma.

Once there was a pizza he was very sad because his family lived in Texas. He lived in China. But he visited them. But he can’t. Pizza was so sad he cried. He only eat his favorite snack ice cream Then he went to sleep. When he wake up he went in the kitchen and saw his family. He was just imagining it. And that was so sad he cried even more. He watched TV all day. He was the saddest pizza in the world. Then not was just a dream. His mom hugged him. He was so happy. THE END.

2. “KFP” by Jacob R., Almani C., Kemani B., Gabrielle S., Monica J., Jala B., and Lashay E. from Dixon Elementary School

Some foods become fed up with constantly being eaten by humans, including Fred, the chicken sandwich in this story. He starts his own offshoot of KFC called KFP - Kentucky Fried People - and his musical talents let him get away with this gruesome entrepreneurial pursuit.

Jen Johnson in a chicken hat and Ida Cuttler in a pickle costume performing KFP during That's Weird, Grandma: Stories About Food

It was a sunny day in Hawaii. Fred, the chicken sadnwich, was opening up KFP (Kentucky Fried People). On the roof was a blow-up chicken that was orange and holding a human heart. Shrimp, the dancing cucumber, went into the kitchen and saw Fred cutting up the food. But the food wasn’t chicken, it was people. She called the police (Devie & Stewie, who weren’t very smart) and when they came, Shrimp starting singing the KFP song. KENTUCKY FRIED PEOPLE, IS PEOPLE NOT CHICKEN *COME ON* The police started dancing. So they didn’t arrest Fred (Who just made his hit single that made $1000, and the album cover had a chicken sandwich with a human in his hand) Instead, Shrimp solved it by eating Fred. Shrimp says, “Sandwish. sw. sw.” THE END.

3. Life as a Pie by Christopher H. from Poe Classical School

How would a pie feel if it was forced to eat other pies? Christopher H., another one of our students from Poe Classical School, explores this conundrum in his dialogue between Pieman and pie factory owner, Bob. Bob doesn’t like pie himself - but he does enjoy seeing pies’ reactions to eating their own kind in this macabre tale.

Raquel Torres surrounded by darkness with arms extended performing Life as a Pie during a performance of That's Weird, Grandma

PM:(walk into pie factory) What is all this!?!?
B: It is a Pie factory.
PM: Ahhh. I’m a pie!
B: Not any more (picks up Pie Man)
B: Yesssss. You will have to eat a pie.
PM: Wait you’re not going to eat me?
B: Why would I. I hate pies.
PM: Oh. No…now I will become a cannibal.
B: That is how I torture pies.
The End

Explore the trials and tribulations of these and other food-inspired characters during Monday night’s show at the Neo-Futurists Theater. Avoid the line at the box office and grab your tickets ahead of time here!


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