Gearing Up for Loyola Park Fall Show! YEAH!

Posted by Caleb on November 15, 2011

After School Program

I know that every time somebody blogs about rehearsing for the next show they talk about how awesome the show is going to be.  And don’t get me wrong, the shows are awesome.  But the Loyola Park Fall show…?  Oh man, it’s going to be AWESOME!!  This show will feature over 20 original stories penned by the brilliant students of the Loyola Park after-school program.  Just to give you a taste, a tidbit, a little antipasto if you will, this show will have unhinged romance, backyard menageries, train-riding zebras, and several dinosaur and zombie-filled disaster epics.  BOOM!  Not to mention a really crazy rabbit and an infomercial.  This show is not to be missed, especially if you are a kid at Loyola Park, a grown-up who belongs to a kid at Loyola Park, or a monkey.  And by monkey, I mean one of the monkeys who have been living at Loyola Park for the past four years.  True story.

This Monday.  It happens.  World saved.

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