Loyola Park Spring Show 2013

Posted by Joe on March 25, 2013

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Rehearsals have started for the Loyola Park Spring Show 2013: Monkeys
and Kids Unite!

If you are a fan or a fangirl (slang taught to us by super-cool Loyola-
parker Isabella) of “Hunger Games” and “The Avengers” then you
will love the sci-fi thriller “Trapped” written by Siobhan. If you are
craving a PG “Saving Private Ryan” then Iris’ epic story, “A life full
of adventures in the war to save France” will hit the spot. And if
you dream of opening your own pastry shop, like various female
characters in romantic comedies, or you just love eating cookies, then
“Isabella’s bakery” written by the aforementioned Isabella is just the
treat you have been waiting for.

These are just three of the fabulously entertaining stories Monkeys,
Monkey teachers, volunteers, and kids are working on. All of the
stories in the Loyola Park Spring show are written by Loyola Park
kids, adapted by a collaborative team of kids and Monkeys, and
performed by this dynamic combo of kids and Monkeys!

Can’t wait,
Volunteer Teacher

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