Loyola Park Starts Soon!

Posted by Rachel on September 18, 2012

After School Program

We’re gearing up for what I believe to be the 8th year (Fact Checkers, please?) of our After-School Program at Loyola Park!

Each fall, a new cohort of talented young writer-performers joins the Monkey ranks, and each fall, their imagination, collaboration, and commitment astound me.

Oh, did I mention that’s our motto?:

These three magic words shine all over the faces of last year’s veteran crew, some of whom will be returning to the program for their fifth consecutive year.


We’ll also have a couple of stellar peer volunteers helping us out, including Dell who developed Barrel of Monkeys’ promotional video “Birth of a Story” and (fingers crossed) Sebby who co-penned “Tough Love.” I encourage you to check out Joe’s video based on that dialogue here.

My absolute favorite thing about this program is that our students return year after year. BUT, we still have a few slots left. Students 7-13 can register for this free program at Loyola Park—online registration is currently full. Or for information, call Loyola Park Supervisor Mary Hopkins at 773-262-8605.

And now a promise fulfilled . . .

We are lucky to have extraordinary teachers at Loyola Park. Collectively, they have performed all over town and have taught at Second City, After-School Matters, Words @ Play, The Actors Gymnasium, The Girls Leadership Institute, Northwestern Mime Company, Ag47, Drama Girls, CircEsteem, and more.

At our orientation, I tested their extraordinary skills at guessing things about each other . . . For example, which teacher has a mild obsession with the OC? And which one keeps Magic the Gathering cards in his pocket? I’ll never tell, but Anthony and Brandon were each able to make five correct guesses. And for that, they have won a poem.

Oh, the brave teaching team of Brandanthony!
It’s been split to forestall teacher entropy
Brandon’s now with Rani
Anthony’s got Zoe
They can howl, but please guys, no lycanthropy!

Okay, so the rhymes swayed the content a bit. The real reason they’ve been split up is that we like to pair new LP teachers with veterans, and while I’m sure they’ll miss each other, I think they’re both quite happy with their new teaching partners!

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