Loyola Park, we heart you.

Posted by Lauren S. on May 16, 2008

After School Program

Hello everyone!  Lauren here, writing to you from our beautiful Loyola Park After School Program!  I’m here to impart to you some very important and exciting information regarding the upcoming Loyola Park show.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Oh sure, a Barrel of Monkeys’ school show.  I understand.  That’s when those crazy Monkeys perform brilliant stories that the brilliant children have written…brilliantly.”  Well, blog reader, you are right to think those things.  However, I must tell you, the tables have turned.  The tide has changed.  The roles have been reversed. 

Allow me to explain (as if I’m a Medieval town crier).

“Hear ye, hear ye!  For the first time in Barrel of Monkeys’ history, the students of the Loyola Park After School Program are performing in their very own Monkey-style show!”

Good people, your ears do not deceive you!  These fabulously creative authors have written an array of monologues, dialogues and group stories that they will perform this week for an audience of family, friends and fellow Monkeys.  The teachers have become the directors, the students have become the actors   and we’ve all become a little bit crazy with the excitement of this landmark event.  Both our Monday and Thursday groups have been busy rehearsing their stories and as a little preview, I’ll leave you with a few lines of dialogue from “Hot, Cold News” penned by Jackson and Lucy.

  Chico:  Did you see the news?
    Samantha:  It’s too hot to see the news.
    Chico:  Well anyways, there was this guy who was congo dancing with a platypus.

Oh.  Did I forget to mention that “Chico” is a meerkat and “Samantha” is a moose?



We the teachers of Loyola Park (Sarah, Tai, Michael, Maggie, Dixie, Lacy, Lauren, Jen and Joe) are thrilled to bring you the first ever B.O.M. Loyola Park After School Program Show written and performed entirely by the kids.  Hooray!




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It’s the finals, you guys! I know they will do you proud!

Rachel May 18, 2008 at 11:56 PM

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