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Posted by Heidi on June 20, 2008

Company Members Celebration of Authors

Barrel of Monkeys, as you know, is “an ensemble of actor-educators”. We are lucky to have an incredibly talented and attractive (as the TWG robot likes to point out) group of performers, teachers, writers, and musicians in our company. Tai has already told you that after COA we give out awards to the whole company honoring the meaningful, delightful, amazing, and silly things that happen throughout the year. Another great thing that happens after COA each year is that we officially expand the roster of company members.

The new company members come from a typically diverse artistic background. A couple had worked as volunteer teachers for us in years past before being cast in the performing ensemble last October. One, Joe, even started out as monkey intern way back when he was still in college and another, Mike, has provided musical backup at Theater on the Lake and for other public shows. All of them spent much of the last eight months performing in our school shows. We like to make sure that our company members have spent time adapting and performing in CPS gyms, cafeterias and auditoria before inducting them—it takes a certain kind of performer to believe that some of the most important work is done with terrible acoustics, no tech beyond our keyboard, and in front of an audience of fourth graders. We are thrilled to have so many of these performers in our company.

In addition to the people who joined this year, we also celebrated two immensely talented performers who it feels like have been around forever, but who actually hadn’t been around quite long enough this time last year to get the proper ceremony. So while you’ve seen Donnell Williams and Kurt Chiang‘s names on the company roster and in TWG for a while, we still wanted to make sure they got their moment in the sun.

Without further ado, here are the newest members of the BOM company! Please note, they’re so new that most of them don’t have full profiles yet, though their photos are great. Well, for the ones that have photos.
Mikala Bierma
Brandon Cloyd
Erick Deshaun Dorris
Mary Winn Heider
Mike Pryzgoda
Joseph Schupbach
Tim Simeone
Tim Soszko
Bradford Stevens
Mari Stratton

The post Celebration celebration is also one of the three times a year that pretty much everyone in the company who still lives in Chicago gets together in the same room. We were so happy to have co-founders Halena and Erica there as we welcomed this newest class of monkeys into the family.

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