Oh. It’s like THAT.

Posted by Lacy on May 14, 2008

School Shows

Intrigued by Donnell and Tai’s dueling impersonations of Laura, I swung by Loyola Park tonight to watch the final run-through of the Chalmers show.

...Oh my heavens, my friends. I was NOT disappointed. 

First of all, there was ‘The Missing Owner,’ which spawned all the aforementioned antics.  You can see Laura here, in the middle of the story. Context: This is where she kidnaps a penguin from Alaska, before she takes it back to the Lower 48 and leaves it to die of heatstroke, in the street, then later uses its lifeless corpse to make a YouTube movie.
Laura: Hey There. My name’s Norbit, and I’m gonna be your new daddy.

Dixie: (worried penguin sounds)

Also, what do you love about Barrel of Monkeys? Is it the whimsy? Is it the range of genres? Is it the ambitious storytelling? IS IT THAT WE HAVE A BOLLYWOOD NUMBER IN THIS SCHOOL SHOW??
Sorry. Did you catch that?


The Chalmers Show stories CANNOT get into Grandma fast enough, friends.  Oh la la.

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I was super jazzed to see Lacy at the run-and with her camera! Everyone who missed it (I’m most likely talking to you)missed out big because this show goes international!

China! India! Japan! Wisconsin! Tennessee!

You get the picture. Chalmers is gonna KICK!

Donnell May 14, 2008 at 11:18 PM

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