Preparing for a Two-Show Monday at Sherman School of Excellence

Posted by Brandon on May 11, 2018

Artistic Director Brandon here!

The cast and I are having a blast rehearsing for Barrel of Monkey’s upcoming school shows at Sherman School of Excellence. This is our second year bringing our arts education programming to Sherman - and everyone is especially excited that we will get to perform this show twice!

The first show on Monday morning is specifically for the student authors and their school community. Then, that afternoon, we’ll return for an encore performance for their friends and family. The show features stories with dancing diapers, women taking over the White House, and a bad hair day.

And as always, our students keep their writing current - check out this dialogue included in the show, featuring Barrel of Monkeys Program Director Shá Norman as Jay-Z, and guest artist Graig Tertulien as Kanye West.

Shá Norman and Graig Tertulien rehearse Rappers Airport Beef by Dynasty H.

Rappers Airport Beef by Dynasty H.
Setting: Airport
Characters: Kanye West, Jay-Z

Jay-Z: Man Kanye whats yo problem? (Concerned)

Kanye: Look Bro I’m just doing me (cocky, arrogant)

Jay-Z: you need to chill out you doing (snaping) too much that’s why my wife don’t want me hanging with you anymore

Kanye: Dude I’m the GOAT (LOUD) Greatest of All Time… you NEED to hang out with me!!

Jay-Z: Naw I can’t do that I’m about to catch this jet. You Riding that Delta plane. (sarcastic)

Kanye: Aww so you got jokes bro. That’s how you feel? (hurt)

Jay-Z: peace bro

Kanye: check 100

The End.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram this Monday - we’ll be updating our stories during both performances!

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