Recording Booth of Monkeys

Posted by Tai on December 19, 2008


On Wednesday, a small handful of Monkeys gathered in the Andersonville office of Mightybytes to record the first batch of—

Wait, should I be talking about this? Has this been announced yet? Okay, don’t tell anyone, but it starts with a p and ends in odcasts.

More details about BOM’s latest media venture later, but for now, here are some photos of the recording session, courtesy of Mike’s phone:

imageBrennan in the recording booth, taking direction.

imageOona, Elizabeth, and Tom in the booth (yes, it’s a closet). What you can’t see in this photo is that Elizabeth is standing on a stack of books so that she can reach the microphone.

imageProducers Mary Winn and Mike listening in.

Check back in the new year for some auditory treats from Barrel of Monkeys…

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