Posted by Joe on December 4, 2015

This week That’s Weird, Grandma! welcomes special guest Noah Ginex Puppet Company! These amazing puppeteers and all their incredible animal friends are no strangers to the Barrel of Monkeys stage. They will be bringing with them an original adaptation of the story “Setting: On A Plane” by Mary M. from the Dixon School.

Once there was a woman who was always needing help because it was her
first time here. On the second day no one will help her. Everyone was
wondering who will help her. There was a note sitting on the plane

Dear Ms. Woman,

You do not need any help.

Signed The Boss

She thought to herself and said that she don’t need any help anymore.

The End.

We are also adding two incredible new stories that have both been adapted into songs: “It Hurts”  about feeling FEELINGS by Lois C from the Loyola Park After School Program
and “DEAR HIDOLYA” about Hanukkah by Ingrid P. & Eviatar H. from Skinner North Classical School.

Check out That’s Weird, Grandma! this Monday at 8pm for what is sure to be an amazing show! Say “I Don’t If I Will Burst” to Ambar at the Box Office for $10 tickets!

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