That’s Weird Grandma - Monday 5/31/10

Posted by Luke on May 30, 2010

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

Well Avid & Casual Blog readers,
It is our final show of the round tomorrow night.
A handful of Monkeys will likely be in attendance as they’re strongly encouraged to watch the show if they will be joining the next cast. So, if you’re kind of like a Monkey groupie or anything, Monday would be a good night to attend as there will probably be a lot of us. You don’t even have to be a groupie. That’s not important.
Anyway, 2 smashing dialogues will be going into the show this week. One is from a child whom I have fond memories of from Columbia Explorers Academy. Her name is Rosemely and she always had hilarious ideas. She made me laugh, genuinely, every week I taught. As a memento of Rosemely’s comic genius, I have kept one of her stories on my wall at the BOM office for many years. This piece has never been performed, but on Monday night it will be.
It is a dialogue between Orlando Bloom and a “Supertop Model”. The setting is Orlando, Florida. You can read it here. In honor of Rosemely’s fine work, the password for $2 off at the box office is ‘Supertop Model’.
The other dialogue going into the show is a SUREFIRE hit from days of old. It could be a one week only encore performance, so you don’t want to miss it either!
Too much good stuff! (I think that’s am/pm’s new slogan, right?) Yes it is. I just clicked the “get to know ampm” link on their website and it says that at the bottom. Whoops. I mean “too many good things!” 
Running order below!
See u there.

Long Lived the Two Friends
Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwich/Red Black Dragon
The Lady Who Loved the Library
Eddie’s Rims
Prison Break
Superhero Story (My Mom)
The Day I Thought a Man was a Monkey
Setting: Ocean
The Beat
Orlando B/Supertop Model
I Am Foggylogg
Best Looking Human
Untitled (Graffiti Argument)
The Kid Who Got Hit by a Rock
Untitled (Rocking Chair)
IRS Moles
The Little Cowboy
The Magical Place

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