That’s Weird Grandma, March 9th, 2009

Posted by Heidi on March 9, 2009

That's Weird Grandma

Another awesome week of “That’s Weird, Grandma” is on order for tonight. You will, of course, like it. This week we introduce “I am a dog”, a hilarious argument about how dogs should get to wear clothes too. Performer Dixie Uffelman may have described it as a moving parable about class struggle…or it’s a funny story where dogs wag their behinds. You’ll have to judge for yourself.

By the way, you would already have heard that comparison if you followed BOM on Twitter.

Full running order after the jump!

Going to the Party
I Went to a Splash Party
Untitled (Animales en Amor Peligroso) Part 1
City Poem
The Sad Man Named Boogie
I am a Dog
Kung Fu Princesses
Untitled (Coat in the Fog)
Untitled (The Ugly House)
Super Blooper
How the Pitbull Got Its Name
The Love Between Two Wolves
Untitled (Animales en Amor Peligroso) Part 2
What Mother Nature Does to You
A Bad Day
I am a Teddy Bear / I am a Child
The Dance of Yousail

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