That’s Weird, Grandma! Rocks Old Town School!

Posted by Donnell on April 7, 2009

That's Weird Grandma Touring Performances

So much happened a few weeks ago, so let’s hop in the Delorean and buckle up!

We’ll go back to 15 March 2009. Barrel Of Monkeys was invited to participate in “Milly’s (Almost) All-Kid Revue” at the Old Town School and perform our opening song and 2 stories -  we were headlining, you guys! Brigid (“Milly”) personally selected “Going to the Party” and “The Dance of Yousail,” two of her favorites, and presented us with the wonderful opportunity of performing in this almost all-kid variety show that’s been a staple here in Chicago for 21 years! Pictures and more after the jump!

Before the show got underway, we did a quick tech in the space and I took a few pictures of talented Monkeys on a stage with a fancy projection in the background. image
Then, we got lunch and ate it in a fancy gazebo in the park.

We didn’t plan it for Maggie, but “Happy Birthday” was chalked inside (for a girl called ‘Ava’ maybe?) and I asked Mags to flash a birthday smile - done!

Finally, it was just about show time and hi-jinks ensued in our cute lil’ dressing room until we were called to the stage.

Some highlights: a rock choir, a magic show and a lasso act!

Phew! I hope the flux capacitor is still operational…because it’s back to the Delorean!

Next destination: 16 March 2009. As Heidi mentioned, Stuti’s sweet story “My First Pet in Chicago” from Loyola Park After School Program debuted in TWG.  You have got to see this story in action!
The hootenanny was replete with banjo, ‘gee-tar’ and spoons. Yes.

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