Posted by Joe on March 17, 2016

That's Weird Grandma

It comes but once a year and it is finally here: The Musical Round of That’s Weird, Grandma! When Barrel of Monkeys adapts our student’s writing into plays, we occasionally turn the stories into songs. The Musical Round features a line up of only songs! This year, director Geoff Rice is trying something BRAND NEW. He has tried to structure the show so that the stories connect to each other and feel like they are telling a full story, or narrative! So, basically, it will be like a real life musical! Who needs tickets to “Hamilton” when you can go to That’s Weird, Grandma: THE MUSICAL Sundays at 2pm or Mondays at 8pm???? NO ONE! We hope to see you there!!!


Use the code “ITSAMUSICAL” when you purchase your tickets online for $2 off!!!

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