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Posted by Amanda Farrar on May 7, 2015

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Barrel of Monkeys teaches writing residencies to students, but more often than naught it’s us who are receiving the education. There are many lessons to learn from the pens of elementary school students, and below are some that I, Amanda Farrar, have learned about what it is to be a mother.

Do you want to learn about our programs and learn from students, too? Watch this news story from CBS Chicago that aired last week and then peruse our story archives for more immersion into the wonderful imaginations of children.

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5 Motherhood Lessons
By Amanda Farrar

Lesson #1: The first lesson I learned about being a mom from student-authors is from “Bagels or Nothing”. “I want a SNAAACCCKKKK!” is a constant plea in my household. I took this lesson from Toby R.’s mother, and offer one snack of my choice, or nothing. Sometime my daughter picks nothing. Sometimes she eats the thing I’ve offered. But the negotiation tactic totally works. Thanks, Toby and Toby’s mom!

Untitled (Bagels or Nothing)
By Toby R, Dawes Elementary

My mom said I had to pick nothing or bagels I pickt nothing. I don’t like bagels.

Lesson #2: Mothers, like everyone, are not infallible. Our bad and sad days are their bad and sad days, too.

Good Days and Bad Days
By Joemy P., Johnson School of Excellence

I believe I want to change bad days to good days sad days to happy days far days to close days scared days to brave days.  So people won’t be mad or people won’t be bad.  So people can have good day.  I wish my mom would have better days.  THen bad days she can have lovely days.  Some people are not equal.  So are not happy.  SO that I don’t have to be scared.  Why I believe in miracles.  The End

Lesson #3: If it comes down to it, your mom will kick butt. Even to battle a celebrity-monster/monster-celebrity.

Untitled (Beach)
By Lynda H., 4th Grade, Chalmers School of Excellence

On a hot sunny day I went to the beach with my mom. At the beach it was all super stars and the stars didn’t talk to me, so I went up to Hannah Montana and I said “hi” and she said the same, but that wasn’t really Hannah Montana it was a monster. I knew it was a monster because he pulled of his wig and mask. So he pick me up and I call my mom then she came to kick his butt and after that we went home and I tell my sister and brother all about it. The name of the stars was Lil Wayne, Justin Beiber, Sonny With a Chance and Chris Brown.

The maid and mom in

Lesson #4: How hard you work to get it all done? Yeah. They get it. Probably more than you realize.

The Darkness
By Taniya J., Willa Cather Elementary School

Once upon a time there was a lady who was by herself and she was just looking around and she was on the bridge. She wanted to swim home in the water but she had on her work clothes so she couldn’t because she had to go to work in the morning and the whole family was going out and there was nobody to watch her kids so her kids were about to go with their dad but he had work in the morning too and then her kids start crying so then she said to herself I need to swim home but I got on my work clothes and I got work in the morning and the clouds were dark and scary and she saw a scary mountains then she saw her husband and her kids and then her whole family came and saved her and she hopped in the car and went home. THE END.

Lesson #5: By doing you what you do as a parent for your child, you can be their superhero.

Superhero Story (my mom)
By Destiny C., 4th Grade, Chalmers School of Excellence

My Super hero is my Mom. Her powers are too take care of me and her 2 other kids. What happen was she took care of me as I grew up. It’s my point of view because I’m telling people who is my hero and superhero because she’s a nice mom who do things for me like put clothes on my back, and she’s a person who have strong powers by doing stuff like getting me up in the morning, taking me to fun place, and most of all trying to help me get an education.

Thank you for all the lessons, student-authors. And thank you to all the moms, and dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, foster parents…anyone who helps raise a young person.


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