The Most Popular BOM Story Ever

Posted by Heidi on April 1, 2009


I can’t believe I’m only blogging about this now. My only defense is that it has been a long week.

As those of you who have been Monkey Fans for a while know, there was this story. This one story that was, well, the most popular monkey story ever. There was just…something…about it.

Co-founder/former Artistic Director Halena Kays used to say that it had to be included in any special BOM public performance (as a rave at Theater on the Lake, for example) because otherwise it would be like if Devo went on tour and didn’t perform “Whip It”.

A story so compelling, so amazing, that years after it went out of the regular run of TWG, people would still write-in a request. It was the number one story in the special “countdown of the most popular BOM stories” that we did at the 5-year anniversary show.

Well, just when you thought we’d moved on, we find a way to reinvent it again.

That’s right folks, last week’s podcast (released Sunday night, on schedule, despite my only mentioning it now) was a NEW version of…drumroll…The Dog Was Dead.

Seasoned Monkey Fans, this one’s for you. New Monkey Fans, you too just might fall in love.

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