Two opportunities to see “That’s Weird Grandma” this weekend!

Posted by Meredith on April 22, 2015


You have two opportunities to see this amazing cast of ‘That’s Weird Grandma’ this weekend.  We will be performing at C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) at 1:30pm on Saturday and then we are back at the Neofuturist Theater at 2:00pm on Sunday.  This is our last weekend of shows until June and out last matinees, so don’t miss it!

We’ve put in a fun dialogue from last year that we will perform word for word and accompanied by a set of bagpipes (really)!

SHARK AND THE WHALE by Omarion B., Morton

Setting:  Ocean
Shark:  Live me a long
Whale:  Make me
Shark:  I going to eat you alive
Whale:  Not before I eat you!!!
Shark:  I said I was going to eat you

Also, Sunday is Lacy’s last performance with Barrel of Monkeys before she leaves us for the West Coast.  Don’t miss her Amazing Zurine! 

THE AMAZING ZURINE   By Bella D. Loyola Park After School Program
Hi my name is Emma. I live in Colorado and my parents are divorced my mom lives in Colorado and my dad lives in Texas. I’m going to see him for the summer my dad owns a farm. I was at my dad’s and I wanted to go horseback riding. Her dad didn’t have any time so she went alone. She took a horse named Zurine and he was her favorite horse. One day she was going to go out horseback riding. She couldn’t find him and so she tried to find him but she couldn’t. But finally she saw him hurt. His hoof was stuck under a fence. They got him out and cured him. He was good as new. Everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

The Code: Say “Zurine,  Zurine!” To Ambar at the box office for discounted Tickets.
See you at the show!
Meredith (guest director)

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