Who’s the Talking Potato?

Posted by Gavin on September 20, 2018

That's Weird Grandma

If you’ve seen the subtitle of our upcoming round of That’s Weird, Grandma - Ghosts, Ghouls and Talking Potatoes - you might be wondering who exactly this talking potato is. Well, he’s the title character in “Old Man Potaters,” a story by Brian B. from Wharton Elementary School.

While Old Man P. hasn’t made his debut on the Neo-Futurists stage yet, he was featured in our school show in the Summit, IL school district, and he also made an appearance during our annual end-of-year performance, Celebration of Authors. He’s become one of our favorite new characters, and we’re excited to finally share his story with Chicago theatre-goers in That’s Weird, Grandma!

Here’s a quick look at the beginning of Brian’s story:

Mary Tilden as Old Man Potaters and Noah Appelbaum as a farm animal during a performance of

Old Man P was a very curious potato he would wander everywhere

Mary Tilden as Old Man Potaters during Barrel of Monkeys' Celebration of Authors 2018

One day he wondered little bit to far. . .

Mary Tilden as Old Man Potaters surrounded by Barrel of Monkeys company members miming a scary forest during Celebration of Authors 2018

. . . and he said “Oh no wheres my wittle farm he cried and cried AAAAh! Farm where did you go?”

Mary Tilden as Old Man Potaters holding onto Joan Figarella miming a tree for dear life during Barrel of Monkeys' Celebration of Authors 2018

Do Old Man Potaters’ animal friends end up finding him? And does he make his way back to his beloved farm? We don’t want to spoil the story for you - so come find out for yourself in just a few weeks at That’s Weird, Grandma: Ghosts, Ghouls and Talking Potatoes, performing Sundays at 3 p.m., October 7 - November 4. This Halloween-themed line-up includes scary (and silly) stories by Chicago elementary school students, featuring new characters like Old Man Potaters as well as classic characters from BOM’s repertoire.

We can’t wait to kick off our 2018-19 season with you, so be sure to book your tickets ahead of time here!

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