Bieber is BACK!

Posted by Joe on February 26, 2016

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

This week That’s Weird, Grandma! welcomes a fallen hero- JUSTIN BIEBER! We were always Beliebers, and were sad when he fell out of popularity. But not that he’s risen back to the top and back into the hearts of many (some) we are excited to bring a never before seen in TWG story featuring BIEBER. “The Unexpected Day” by Marilyn R. and Andrea V. from Graham Elementary is a dialogue about an imagined encounter with the once baby-faced pop star.

Also going in is “Ducks Follow A Kid” by Renee L. from Lorca Elementary. Its almost spring so its time to start brushing up on your duck knowledge!

Bieber and Daffy

Come join us this Sunday at 2pm for an awesome show! Enter the secret code “BIEBER” online to receive $2 off your tickets!

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