Make New Friends

Posted by Rachel on February 26, 2016

School Shows After School Program

One of my favorite things about school shows is working with old friends, like Geoff Rice and Sarah Goeden, whom I’ve known since college in 19-hmm-hmm-hmm. The current Loyola Park show features them along with four amazing friends of Barrel of Monkeys, current volunteer teachers, Katrina Dion and Sarah Sterling, and former volunteers, Patrick Poulin and Michael Whitten.


They are all nailing it.

And so are the Monkey veterans. The whole world deserves to see Sarah Goeden singing Kiran P.‘s “The Day the Family Pets Died” as a series of ukulele-backed, Gorey-esque cautionary tales.

And Geoff Rice has adapted Xitlaly G.‘s modern myth, “The Mountain Top,” into an epic ballad. Kassi Bleifuss plays Ocean, the girl who cries blood when her boyfriend Blue breaks up with her. Patrick will be playing that conflicted jerk, and both of them will be supported by some brazilliant blood puppets. Yes, I said blood puppets. 

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