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New! Old! Neos! Monkeys!

Posted by Jason on November 2, 2014

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update Touring Performances Company Members

Heading into week 2 of Chicago’s Weird, Grandma (Monday, Nov. 3 at 8:00pm!), we have a wonderful assortment of things for your viewing pleasure:

NEW! There are six stories in the show which have never been seen in BOM’s public shows before this round.  Space! Pirates! Racing! Spooky parents! True Love!

OLD! There are a bunch of returning favorites, ranging from stories that were in last round all the way back to BOM classics from the early 2000s.  Pants! Jedis! Floors! Chairs! Twins! Produce!

NEOS! Our special guest performers this week are The Neo-Futurists, performing a new chilling adaptation of “Evil Toy” by five students from the Super 7 Program at Cather Elementary. Robots!

MONKEYS! Come see the crackerjack cast, comprised of Nick Hart, Ashley Bland, Deanna Myers, Rachel Wilson, Matt Miller, Mary Tilden, Diana Lawrence, Rawson Vint, Jen Johnson, Gwen Tulin, David Pintor and the technical know-how of Maggie Fullilove-Nugent! 

Don’t miss it!  Say “He danced his butt off” at the box office for discounted tickets!

Tonight is the night!

Posted by Joe on October 27, 2014

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update Touring Performances Company Members

CWG Partners

Clear your schedules y’all! Tonight is the opening of Chicago’s Weird, Grandma featuring talented and attractive cast members of Lookingglass Alice and the internationally acclaimed shadow super stars Manual Cinema!

Want to know about these folks?  Check these out!


See you at the show!

Also, say “we didn’t take wedding vows” to Ambar at the box office for discounted tickets!



Noah Ginex and About Face in CWG Dec 2!

Posted by Julia on November 25, 2013

Touring Performances

It’s hard to believe, but next Monday is the LAST performance of “Chicago’s Weird, Grandma.” We’ve had a great time working on stories with so many wonderful Chicago artists, and taking us out with a bang on December 2 are About Face Theatre and The Noah Ginex Puppet Company. Just who are these fine folks? Read on…

The Noah Ginex Puppet Company was started in 1994 by Noah Ginex as a way to make money doing shows at birthday parties around the neighborhood.  Between 1996 and 2001, NGPC did a pretty good business with birthday shows, before graduating to building puppets and creatures for the Chicago theater scene, then videos, films, and commercials. Hey Noah, tell us about you and what it’s like to work with the Monkeys!

Pictured: Jameson and Noah Ginex

What is it like to collaborate with the BOM team?
Working w the Monkeys is a unique experience, because its a team of performers who are complete individuals and could carry a one person show easily, but when they are together, their one goal is to make everyone else in the scene look good. They are as genuinely wonderful and helpful as they are talented.

How did you choose the story you’ll be performing?
I picked the story we’re performing by imagining what I would want to see as an audience member. I also sent the options to my puppeteering partners Adam McAleavey and Taylor Bibat, and they both agreed immediately, without knowing what I had chosen.

If your company had a “special sauce” what would be in it?
If NGPC had a special sauce, it would be heavy on the ginger, sesame, korean barbecue, peanutey, basically every sauce available, with extra nuts, and probably some orange fur stuck in it. It might taste great, it might taste bad, but at least it’s sauce and we can eat it.

Thanks Noah! Next up…About Face Theatre!

Pictured: Scott Duff and Philip Dawkins

About Face Theatre creates exceptional, innovative, and adventurous plays to advance the national dialogue on gender and sexual identity, and to challenge and entertain audiences in Chicago, across the country, and around the world. Since its founding in 1995, the company has premiered more than 45 world premieres by writers and directors who have been recognized with several Tony Awards, The Pulitzer Prize for Drama, The MacArthur Fellowship and dozens of Joseph Jefferson Awards.

Scott Duff from About Face answered a few quick questions for us…

What is it like to collaborate with the BOM team?
Collaborating with BOM is like jumping into a ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese except much cleaner and the ball out is filled with galumphing baby gorillas. Pure joy and creativity.

How did you choose the story you’ll be performing?
Molly made us do it. 

If About Face had a “special sauce” what would be in it?
I’m not sure what all of components are but there is definitely a whole lot of glitter in it with a smattering of bitter tears and belly fire.

Thanks fellas! Get your tickets here for Monday December 2, 8 p.m. at the Neo-Futurarium. And don’t worry, “That’s Weird, Grandma” returns on December 9 with the Holiday Round!

The Hypocrites in “Chicago’s Weird, Grandma” next Mon Nov 25!

Posted by Julia on November 20, 2013

Touring Performances

The fun doesn’t stop with “Chicago’s Weird, Grandma!” We have two performances left, and next week on Monday November 25 we’re joined by the one, the only, The Hypocrites! BOM loves The Hypos always, but our blood runs especially thick as their artistic director, Halena Kays, is a co-founder and former artistic director of Barrel of Monkeys. Halena took a few moments out of her play-making life to answer a few questions for us.

How did you choose the story you’ll be performing?
We will choose our story based on initial group gut reaction- we live on the edge.

What is it like to collaborate with the BOM team?
Collaborating with BOM is like having a family reunion, assuming your family is super weird and own a lot of funny hats.

If the Hypocrites had a “special sauce” what would be in it?
The Hypocrites’ special sauce is part visual treat, part absurdity and mostly bananas.

The Hypocrites chose the story THE HAMBURGER IS A MONSTER #2 by Kevin N., from Columbia Explorer’s Academy

I couldn’t believe it, a hamburger talking. I thought hamburgers don’t talk. “I need your help” said hamburger. Hamburgers don’t talk they only stay quite. “Yeah but don’t get scared of me, okay?” said hamburger. “Okay” and “okay” “What’s your name?” I said. “Ham” said hamburger.  THE END

Don’t be a Hamburglar - get your tickets for next Monday here!


Jyldo in CWG next Monday Nov 17!

Posted by Julia on November 11, 2013

Touring Performances

We have another great guest in “Chicago’s Weird, Grandma!” next Monday…Jyldo!

Pictured: Jyl Fehrenkamp

Jyl Fehrenkamp (Jyldo) is a dancer, choreographer and spandex-professional.  Her creative work often fuses modern dance with burlesque-inspired performance art and has been seen in a variety of seedy Chicago nightclubs and theaters.  Her most recent creative adventure entailed a Hall & Oates-inspired fellowship service at the Soft Rock Sanctuary - which was performed with Nick Davio at “REVIVAL” - a really aaarty performance event at the Pritzker Pavillion. Past adventures include curating & hosting Poonie’s Cabaret at Links Hall (2005-2012), co-creating the Fabulous Ladies of Fitness, a DJ collective and high-impact dance party (2009-2011), choreographing the sci-fi-rock-musical parody, “Alien Queen”, and curating Battlestar Fantastica (2012) and just lunging around the city as a yoga & dance fitness instructor.  Jyl has had the pleasure of performing with many wonderful Chicago artists, including Jesse Morgan Young, Scott Bradley, Jessica Hudson, Mattrick Swayze, Peter Carpenter, InGen Productions, the Chicago Kings and Atalee Judy.  Lunge. Every. Day.

Jyl was nice enough to chat a bit about the BOM experience.

What is it like to collaborate with the BOM team?
It is real nice - it feels like a dance party in my kitchen. They are all such a nice and talented bunch of weirdos.  I really love them and I feel so delighted to be invited back. 

How did you choose the story you’ll be performing?
I chose, “The Alien & the Human” because I think it’s a modern-day drama that we all can relate to. 

If Jyldo had a “special sauce” what would be in it?
Jyldo sauce contains a bacon-maple infusion with a honey-crisp apple chaser.

Thanks Jyl! Be in the audience to see Jyldo strut her stuff next Monday, November 17, 8 p.m., 5153 N. Ashland. Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for kids.