Grandma is back and weirder than ever!

Posted by Joe on June 13, 2013

That's Weird Grandma Touring Performances

Y’all.  It’s happened. 

TWG is back and powerful!

Celebration Authors was a huge success!  And now we are ready to bring CPS students’ stories to the public!


Here is the line up:

WANTING MEATLOAF by Montez P, Jayzoun N, James M, Emmanuel L, Kristyle Y, Reyna J, & Fayome M,  Dixon Elementary
UNTITLED (THE GOAT THAT EAT EVERYTHING)  by Darrin J., Chalmers Elementary
UNTITLED (Astronauts) by Stephanie E., Columbia Explorer’s Academy
I THINK PEOPLE SHOULD NOT KISS by Jennie H., Brenneman Elementary
The Girl Who Had a Monkey by Parianna B, New Sullivan
Yo soy un Pescado By Ruby G Avondale-Logandale
CHICKEN!!!  By Danielle S, Leo B, Maggie J, and Shantelle G Lincolnwood Elementary
I AM A DOG by Thomas R, 4th Grade, Columbia Explorers
NOT SO MUCH PRESSURE by Lazaireus P, Morton Elementary
ICE CREAM MAN by Marcellious G., Stockton Elementary
A Bad Day By Kevin V., 3rd Grade, Cleveland Elementary
I AM A BUTCHER AND I LOVE MEAT by Adarius W., Dewey Academy
THE DOG WAS DEAD by Dinelle H., Dewey Academy

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