It’s almost TLC showtime!

Posted by Diana on May 31, 2013

After School Program

How the time flies!  After a quick and intense four-day rehearsal process, the inaugural Teaching Lab Collaborations show is being performed tomorrow morning at the Logan Center in Hyde Park, at the crack of 9am!  The whole Monkeys cast was amazingly impressed with the stories from the students at TLC… the humor (the comedic rule of three, for instance), variety of style (horror, fantasy, mystery) and imagination (too many examples to mention) in these stories are all fantastic, not to mention their impressive use of vocabulary and idiomatic expressions (our audience can look forward to hearing about a “newfangled motorcycle” and “eyes that pierce your heart.”) 

Join us in Hyde Park tomorrow morning, everyone!


A run of the first story in our show, Frank the Comedian and Joe by Siah B

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