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Posted by Rachel on November 24, 2008

School Shows

. . . I posted about the Cleveland Show since this afternoon, I’ll be performing in the third Monkey show of the school year, at our own Loyola Park after-school program. More on that later.

In the early days of November, Chicago was caught up in election fever. That whole week was kind of a blur, as are most of the photos from Cleveland. Rest assured, blurry times did not keep us from rocking the show.

This school has always given us a warm welcome . . .
It’s one of the schools featured in Collin Souter’s Meet the Monkeys documentary. At the end of this clip, former Principal Rockland says his famous words, “Is it wrong for a man . . . to love . . . a monkey?”

We even rehearsed at this school once upon a time, so we have a long tradition there.


For once, the Cleveland show included no cheerleaders, no face-in-the-cake moments, and no Tom Malinowski dropping his pants in a most-embarrassing-moment-ever story! However, we did a new genre-busting piece which proved a favorite with the children. Here, Patrick, Jason, and NEW ENSEMBLE MEMBER, Katie Suib (Congrats KATIE!!), take their apple puppets to see a movie.

If an apple were to watch a horror movie, what kind of movie would they watch? Think puppet theater meets The Hills Have Eyes.


Here are some Monkey ladies pulling diva attitude in Erick’s new BRILLIANT school show closer. Blurry but fabulous from left to right, are Lacy, Dixie, myself, Kate, and Katie.

Thanks, Erick, for making us look like rockstars! Thanks Cleveland for being a place where rockstars are raised!

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You know, Rachel, it’s really all about the children’s words.

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