Loyola Park - Fall Session

Posted by Tim Soszko on November 24, 2008

After School Program

The fall session of our after school program at Loyola Park is coming to a close.  We’ve done things a little differently this year and are very happy with the results.  We have 3 classes taught by two teachers for each class.  7-8 year-olds are schooled by Rachel and Joe with a lot of help from Caleb.  Molly and Ricky are imparting all their knowledge on the 9-10 year-olds with Dixie’s super help.  And the 11-13 year-olds get their learnin’ from Elizabeth and myself with tons of help from Sarah.

Obviously, the goals and the experience level of the kids change between each age group, but one thing that hasn’t changed is each child’s enthusiasm to write and perform.  Every challenge they face is met with determination, positive energy and sometimes chaos!

Another big change this year: In the spring the oldest group will write and perform in their own show with a cast of professional Barrel Of Monkey actors and director.  The bar is set pretty high for them, and they rise to the occasion every time. 
To celebrate all the writing these mini-monkeys have done in the past 8 weeks, the Barrel of Monkeys are putting on a show.  Come and check out these amazing authors today at 4pm at Loyola Park (1230 W Greenleaf).  The kids will get some pizza and juice.  You will get your minds blown by what these kids have written!

Does that sound a little too much like a challenge?

That’s because it IS a challenge!!

Will you pick up the gauntlet?


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