Loyola Park After-School Program Spring Show

Posted by Joe on May 22, 2012

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Barrel of Monkeys runs an after-school program at the Loyola Park Field House, in Chicago’s north side neighborhood, Rogers Park.

Monday was our special end of the year show that was written and performed by 7-13-Year-Old Students

There were hand puppets, shadow puppets, songs, dances, movement pieces, sound effects, and much much more

Above are shadow puppets from “Object Survival” by Bella

Here’s the rundown on what happened:

The Red Group Presents:The League of Awesome
By: Mateo, Shiloh, Oliver, Joseph, Paris, Gabby, Ines, Marlone, Gabriel, Jacob, Melanie, Eidan, Frank, & Ronin

The Gold Group Presents: Monkeys on the News
By: Zara, Nyah, Jackson, Jayson, Maluboo, Victor, Nia, Greta, Joshua, John, Feyisayo, Stephanie, Michael Angelo, David, Francisco, Kaitlyn, Maya, & Chloe

The Blue Group Presents:
Object Survival by Bella
One Scary Halloween Night: Beginning by Andre & Busayo
Food by Everyone
One Scary Halloween Night: Middle by Anthony, Jeremy, & Kennedy
One Scary Halloween Night: End by Isabella, Khiyran, & Jaerell
Spooky Family Vacation by Lois, Iris, & Jaerell
The Vase and the Children by Isabella, Busayo, & Jeremy
The Sneaky Girl by Busayo
Tacos by Kennedy
The Basketball Game Show by Jeremy
Isabella’s Summer by Isabella
Crazy by Chantrell
The Assassin by Jaerell
Meeting Oliver by Lois
Dance by Iris

Adapted & Performed by: Lois, Bella, Jaerell, Busayo, Kennedy, Jeremy, Isabella, Chantrell, Iris, Tim, Kassi, Alea, Jenny, & Ricky

Directed by Joseph Schupbach

And now a message from Rachel!

Thanks for Another Fantastic Year!  Thank you for allowing us to work with your talented children! Their creativity has inspired us throughout the year. We are grateful to the Loyola Park Staff, to our volunteers, and to our Loyola Park parents for making this program possible. We could not do it without your support! We look forward to seeing you in the Fall!

Rachel Wilson
After-School Program Coordinator



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