MVP 2008-2009: Rachel Wilson

Posted by Tai on June 12, 2009

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Last year, I told you all about how at BOM’s post-COA party, we are all given silly awards for our various roles in school shows over the year, such as “Best Villain,” “Best Choreography,” or “Best Improvised Line.” There are a few awards given out at the end of the evening that are a little less silly, the most notable being the MVP Award, officially known as The Tom Malinowski Award For Enthusiasm and Commitment To Monkey Greatness. Company members nominate the Monkey who we feel has, in Artistic Director Luke Hatton’s words, “gone far beyond the call of duty in their, well, enthusiasm and commitment to the company.”

This year, the prestigious Malinowski Award went to Rachel Wilson.


Rachel has been in the company since 2000, left for Los Angeles in 2005, and returned (in the oft-repeated words of Ricky Gamboa, “with a vengeance”) in 2007. Since then she has truly been a force in Barrel of Monkeys: teaching multiple residencies including Loyola Park, doing many school shows and rounds of TWG, writing wonderful blog entries, AND being the “Head Twit” on the BOM Twitter.


Here’s a little of what Rachel’s fellow company members had to say about her:

She always creates beautiful adaptations and amazing characters.  Her characters also always have subtle mannerisms (her “new girl” in Cheerleaders mouthing the cheers in the corner as she learns them) and intricate backstories, which only she knows, but we all enjoy the results.  She knows her strengths and plays to them, but is never afraid to try a different style.


So much love. Involved everywhere.

This year in particular, has been quietly yet passionately dedicated to all aspects of the company and perpetually strives to make us better.

She’s kind to everyone and always has a great outlook at rehearsals, and also is a heck of a Twit.

They’re all totally right, of course. Rachel’s enthusiastic involvement in every part of this company exemplifies the spirit of BOM. She has a lot of love for this company, and we love her too. Congratulations Rachel, from all of us.



HERE, HERE for Rachel!

Philip June 13, 2009 at 01:04 AM

You make me weepy!!!

Rachel June 14, 2009 at 03:27 PM

Huzah for Rachel!

Heidi June 14, 2009 at 08:08 PM

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