That’s Weird, Grandma: Monday, June 15th 2009

Posted by Heidi on June 14, 2009

That's Weird Grandma

There are so many compelling reasons to see TWG this week…I don’t know where to start.

First, the wonderful Laura Grey is directing this round!
Second, Founding Artistic Director Halena Kays makes her debut as a performer in TWG (she directed it for basically the first six years).
Third, it’s our first Monday night back after a long stretch of Sunday shows!
Fourth, It’s our House Manager Maggie Block’s last show for at least a few months, as she heads to NY for the summer.
Fifth, there is an all-star cast including many folks who haven’t been able to do the show in, well, years.


Laura’s bringing back some old classics to join new favorites, such as “I am President of the Map”, which made its public debut in Celebration of Authors last week.

As always, reserve tickets by calling 312-409-1954 or buy them online in advance.

Full running order below.

My Argument Why Kids Should Ride Motorcycles
Untitled (brunch)
What Mother Nature Does to You
Untitled (Spies)
Going to the Party
Untitled (because I am deaf)
Buy One House Get One Free
The Love Comedy
Star Wars 3
I Am a Dog
Essentialism Poems
Radio Play (Go Getta the Missing Gem)
Monkeys are Smart
I am the President of the Map
The Tiny Door In the Back of My Closet

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Also returning after a long time away: Ryan Walters!  (Believe it or not, Ryan was originally our stage manager!)

You should come see the Olde Tymers round of TWG, as I’ve been calling it. Between the 9 cast members, director and stage manager, we have over 83 years of BOM experience!  (Yes, I actually added it up.)

Jason Sperling June 15, 2009 at 02:18 PM

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