Posted by Zoe on November 23, 2012

School Shows After School Program

Ah, November. The last few leaves are tumbling to the ground, the days are becoming increasingly darker and colder, and three months of frozen toes lurk just around the corner. As you sit in your car and groan that the airwaves are already polluted with christmas music, fret not! I am here to say “Take solace my sweet friends!” I have found a glorious place of warmth and delight to make this annual transition into winter a GREAT one. And NO, I’m not talking about a certain holiday where you recently cozied up to your besties and stuffed yourself until you could not possibly fit anymore cranberry turkey pumpkin pie into your belly. I speak of the Loyola Park After School Program Fall Show!!!!

This show is made up of stories from 21 incredible students at the Loyola Park After School Program. In case you don’t know- The Loyola Park Program encompasses students from across the city from ages 7-13 and runs for the entire school year. There are three shows throughout the course of the year. The first two are set up as regular BOM school shows (Ensemble and Company members read, adapt and perform stories) but the third show gives some of the older students a chance to get in on the adaptation process and perform their own stories for their peers, friends and family. Its pretty much awesome. But thats later in the year. Lets get back to this tremendous line up of stories being featured this coming Monday!

This show has is all!  A stolen White House! Luxury cars! A walking and talking goat! A glimpse into the beautiful life of Pocahontas and John Smith! A war between gerbils and hamsters! Elvis! Pie you can’t have! Puppets! Smart pens! Pigs! The Olympics! Zombie cheese cows! Three beautifully composed songs! I bet you want a sneak peak, don’t you? Ok, FINE. If you’re going to twist my arm about it.

Rani and Justin practice lifts while portraying a very accurate relationship between a girl and her cat.

Caleb falls to the ground after being knocked out by two very excitable characters- Captain Loaded Underpants and Ultra Fart Fruit!

Meredith and Nick take a break to ponder the age old question: pretzel crisp or regular pretzel?

And last but not least, here is a short film of the cast perfecting our moves to the hit song Oppa Gangnum Style. (For those of you who may not know about this internet sensation: Oppa Gangnam Style is by Korean pop star Psy and has made its way into the hearts of millions including almost every child under the age of 15. I can assure you, this will not be the last time you see or hear Psy on a monkey stage this school year. Psy is to 2012 as Bieber was to 2010.)

LP FALL GANGNAM STYLE from Barrel of Monkeys on Vimeo.

In the midst of these 21 stories, this show also features three brand new Monkeys- Taylor, Mara, and Gwen- and two volunteer teachers- Justin and Melissa!!! They are all doing an amazing job and taking very nicely to their first BOM school show process!

Don’t you feel warmer already!?


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