So Thankful for the Loyola Park Fall Show

Posted by Eunice on November 23, 2013

After School Program

Today in rehearsal it struck me that with Turkey Day just around the corner, we BOM folk have so much to be thankful for!

Personally, I’m very thankful to be part of the Loyola Park fall show. I’m thankful that the authors from the after school program have provided us with such rich stories to sink our teeth into. I’m thankful that everyone in the cast gets to play a variety of roles and have a blast while doing so. Most of all, I’m thankful to be part of an organization that empowers young writers to put pen to paper and let their imaginations flow out.

We’re all feeling pumped for Monday’s show at Loyola Park! The stage will be filled with a little bit of song and dance, lots of creativity, and tons and tons of gratitude:)

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