Posted by Heidi on October 18, 2008

It’s been a day. We started pretty early (Maggie was corralling chalkboards at 7:00am) and we just wrapped up now, 18 hours later. In between there was a lot of glitter, some feathers, a few toasts, hats by the dozen, an auction, hoity-toity hors d’ouevres, a lovely buffet, some specialty cocktails,  a fun show, and some inspiring speeches. I’m talking about the Fancy Schmancy benefit of course, and while I hope that others will post some photos later, I wanted to take a moment to thank the more than 150 of you who were able to attend. I hope you all got your Time Out gift bag and are even now enjoying just one more truffle while planning your outfit for next year. Or maybe you’re gloating about the items you won in the auction—we’ll be calling you if you didn’t get a chance to take your winnings home.

I haven’t run all the numbers, but so far it looks like this was a successful event for us. We couldn’t do it without your help, and we are very grateful.  All of the proceeds will support our work in the Chicago Public Schools and Park District. As a nonprofit, we rely on the support of our monkey friends to continue to bring our unique and high-quality program to under-served communities. We know that the current turmoil in the financial markets and consequent economic stress makes this a difficult time to ask for your support, and we’re honored that so many of you were able to step up.

Not to appear greedy, but if you were unable to attend fancy this year and would like to make a donation to support our school programming, you may do so online.

Monkey on.

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