That’s Weird Grandma:  Back to School Edition!

Posted by Molly on September 9, 2013

That's Weird Grandma TWG Weekly Update

We begin our 2013-14 “That’s Weird, Grandma” Season with stories about friends, bullies, parents, sisters, Six Flags and Abe Lincoln.  Half of the stories are song adaptations, and they are catchy, so be ready to leave the Neo singing!

Joining us for this round are the lovely and talented Tom Malinowski, Kate Staiger, Jennifer Johnson, Tai Palmgren, Nicholas Hart, Gwen Tulin, Eric Phillips, and making their premier on the Grandma Stage:  David Pintor and Andres Enriquez!

Come to the Neofuturarium tonight for a fun mix of new stories and classics!

Here is what you will see…

MY TEDDY BEAR by Asia B, Chalmers
Song composed by Jeff Trainor
I’m Janine and I want a teddy bear. I need it to sleep. I always wanted one, but I lost mine and I need another one. I had three of them and lost two of them, but I wanted to sleep with all of them. I tried to go to a toy store and ask the manager if I could have one because I lost mine and I wanted two more. The manager said I needed to catch some money. I was so mad that I snatched everything off the wall of the store and threw it down on the ground. Then someone offered me 2 teddy bears and I was happy.

THE ANT THAT BULLY by Chris J., 5th Grade, Henry Suder School
Once upon a time there was an ant that was a bully. The ant would go to the gym and work out. He could lift three hundred pounds. One day the ant saw a lady bug. The Ant challenge the lady bug to a weight lifting contest he said to the lady bug to lift three hundred pounds the lady bug pick up the weights the lady bug drop the weights on the ants foot the ant said I am going to get you for that, the lady bug said I am sorry but you told me to pick it up sir. Ten years later the ant saw the lady bug and said why did you brake my leg the lady bug did not say anything and the ant ran over the lady bug.

TALKING APPLE NINJA Turtle by Malik F. Reavis Academy
Song composed by Lucas Peterson
Ninja Turtle / Talking Apple   Setting: House-Princess House
TA: Thank you for your help getting us out of the mountain! 
NT: I used our sword to get us out of the mountain. 
TA: Let’s go home! And eat some carrots, because they are good for your eyes. Also sausages. 
NT: Yes! I like carrots and sausages as well. 
(they eat) 
TA: Mmmmm! That was good! 
(they go to bed, because it’s nighttime) 
NT & TA: Let’s watch TV! 
(They watch Ninja Turtle cartoons and That’s So Raven) 
TA: let’s cut the lights off and go to sleep. 
(They wake up and go to play in the snow) 
NT: This is fun! 
TA: This is cold! 
NT: Let’s go inside to warm up by the chimney. 
TA: That’s a good idea, but I still want to play outside with my toys. 
The end.

THE ATTITOED (THE ATTITUDE)  by Katelyn P Columbia Explorer’s Academy
D: Mom can I go to my friend’s house (excitedly)
M: no
B: Ha ha ha (on ground)
D: But why I’ll come back. (mad face)
M: Because you didn’t clean your room.
D: But you want me to clean every day. (mean face)
B: I clean my room (evil face)
M: I’m proud of you (happily)
D: Nobody asks you.
M: Watch your attitude
D: But I don’t want to.
B: oh no don’t say that
M: you’re grounded and I was going to let you go but your growned.
D: But Mom
M: no buts
D: please mom
M: NO!!!!!
D: Your so mean (cry face)
M: I feel bad (gilty face)
B: Don’t let her go.
M: Who ask you
B: You sound like my sister goush
M: Oh yeah I should not said that. I’m sorry.
B: That’s OK
D: Mom I’m sorry
M: It’s OK. Sit lets talk.
D: Okay!
B: Can I stay.
M: Get out
B: Okay gesh!
M: I’m sorry to
D: It’s okay
M: You could go to your friends house.
D: Thank you thank you you’re the best mom ever.
The end

I AM A BOXER by Jaiquan H, 3rd grade, Charles Henderson Elementary
Song Composed by Mike Tutaj
Some Time you might get Body Slammed and you might Challenge him again and you might win This Time and you might challenge Somebody and you might win The Belt and you will Be The Word Champion and you might go to another City and vs. another challenge.

IT WAS A BOY AND HE WAS MAD by Ronnie H., Learn/Campbell
Nick said was bad.  He was try[ing] to come in.  I said no.  Not on the hair of my chinny chin chin.  I will never let you in but if you want to be in [my] band I will let you be and he said that hey will you be up and I said I think Nick should be [in] my band.  Ok.  You who be in my band I said ok if [you] let me, too.  The End.

UNTITLED (FLOWER ARGUMENTS)  by Natalie,  Lorca School
Song Composed by Jeff Trainor
I’m a flower and I believe that people should not pick me. My first reason is that I won’t grow. My second reason is when they pick my I will die. My third reason is I will not swell good any more. In conclusion, I believe that people should not pick me.

I am a flower and I believe that people should pick me. My first reason is I will look good one some one’s hair. My second reason is I will smell good. My third reason is I will get to go every were. I believe that Should.
The End

THE GIRL WHO RUINED HER SISTER’S LIFE By Troy C., Jasmine R., Malik S., Tierra W., Curtis F., and Jerry L., Dewey Academy
Once upon a time it was a man named John, a girl named Lila and Lila’s sister CC that can turn into a dragon. She could protect her sister, Lila. Lila liked John and John liked Lila, but Lila’s sister didn’t want them to get together. She tried to ruin their relationship. When John and Lila would go somewhere, CC would say she had to go to the bathroom and she’s come back as a Dragon and try to grab her sister, and she and John would battle. Lila had visions when her sister was going to do something bad, and Lila’s life was miserable. The reason CC acted bad was because she wanted to get some attention, so she started a war between the Hot and Cold, so John and Lila break up because John is on the Hot and Lila’s on the Cold. CC was going to go to the Freeze to get more people to battle John.  When CC and John were fixin to battle, Lila tried to make them be friends. They tried to take her but she turned into a dragon. John took CC to get some ice cream, and she became friends with Lila. They stopped to war. The end.

JUST IN CASE By Imani G., 4th Grade, South Loop School
Song composed by Jonathan Mastro
I wear a metal mask just in case. Just in case I fall on my face. I just don’t like to taste ground in my face. I may being walking down the street. And trip on my feet. Those memories I don’t wanna keep. So just in case. I wear a mask of metal on my face.

UNTITLED (THERE WAS NOTHING) By Giovanny M., 4th Grade, Seward School
Song composed by Curtis Williams
I remember that I went to my friends house then I got happy cause we watched a movie and we talked to each other that made me happy, and I was sad cause one day I never went back to his house cause we moved to another house and I never got to see my friend again. Once I was happy that we went to the park and we played so much and one day I was sad cause we never got to play in the park again. I remember too that once I rode my bike and I had fun and I could ride past and I was happy but one day I was gonna ride my bike outside then there was nothing so I started to cry. So now I can not ride my bike any more and now I don’t have nothing to do in my house just watch the t.v. and once I had playstation 2 but we went to our house we looked all over it and there was nothing so then I got so so sad and cry. And when I moved I went to a new school and I made new friends so I got happy cause I made new friends. And I had a hamster and one day I play with my hamster and a other day he die and I got sad and cried. And I liked my uncle and he died. I miss all of the once that died and I missed all of them and I am sad.

ME AND MY CAT AT SIX FLAGS by Michael W. Dewey Academy
My mom had a cat he was a Boy he had a wonderful time at six flags.
The end

UNTITLED (ABE LINCOLN) by: Deanna C., Dewey Academy
Song composed by Eric David Philips
Once upon a time there was a man who work at a London. He was forced to make a dog house by Abe Lincoln. Abe Lincoln was a great man to help people to see. The End

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