Year 9 of the Loyola Park After-School Program!

Posted by Rachel on September 9, 2013

After School Program

Greetings, Chicago students and parents!

Are you back in your school groove? We are!

The Loyola Park After-School Program makes its glorious return next Monday, September 16th! As Arts Partners at Loyola Park, we’ve been offering this free program for 7-13-year-olds since 2004! This program is old enough to be in the Gold Group.

If you don’t already know, this program is all about creative writing and drama. We explore all kinds of writing: stories, poems, plays, graphic novels, and more! We do a lot of acting, play a lot of games, and build one generous, supportive community. It’s kind of like summer camp if summer camp came with journals and Monkey Bucks rewards and happened during the school year.

Each fall and winter, professional actors adapt our students’ writing and perform it at the park. Then, in the spring, our students adapt and perform their own work in a Monkey-style show!

The program lasts all year, and you can sign up for our Fall session now by visiting the park or by calling Loyola Park Supervisor Mary Hopkins at 773-262-8605.

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