The Celebration has already begun!

Posted by Maggie on June 3, 2012

Celebration of Authors

Ladies and Gentlemen -

I had the great honor of watching the first run through of Celebration of Authors 2012 and let me tell you the celebrating has begun.  It is an incredible gift that our task is to make these thirty stories come to life using our love, energy and just a few silly hats.  The actors work so hard and yet make it seem like it is just playing a great game of make believe.

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s in store for our audience on Tuesday.  Find out more info about Celebration of Authors HERE!

Cinnamon Rolls!!!
Zebras on the CTA?!
100 CATS!
New Ensemble Member, Nick, taking the reigns
Just one of our FOUR Michael Jackson visits!
Monsters and Robots taking over the world!
Why does this monster hate teddy bears so much?
And of course our amazing graphic designer as a rubix cube

Okay, back to making more cat ears!

See you all on Tuesday to celebrate our authors and their amazing imaginations.

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Zebras on the CTA!!!! Rubix cube!!!!!!!!! It’s all happening!!!!!!!!!!!

Carly June 3, 2012 at 07:33 PM

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