TWG October 13th, 2008

Posted by Heidi on October 13, 2008

That's Weird Grandma

Happy Columbus Day! I hope many of you get to take the extra long weekend day, especially in Chicago where the weather is so unseasonably pleasant. At least this second.

This week we have two brand-spanking-new stories to add to the mix. Golf Scorpions will introduce you to a villain you’d never heard of before, whereas The Hooks of the Seven Seas will teach you about why it’s helpful to have a hook for a hand, among other things. If that doesn’t quite make sense you’ll just have to come to the show tonight for the full details.

Full running order after the jump!

The Magician
the Hooks of the Seven Seas
Going to the Party
It Was a Cold Day
BMX Bikers
Golf Scorpions
The Crazy Man who got Kicked out of his House
When I know how to Ride My Bike
The Robo-Bot
You Can’t Win
The Dance of Yousail
My 6th Birthday
A Way That We Can Have a Paper Slider
Untitled (Astronauts)
A Bad Day
The Boxer

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